Save your customers time and money with new mixing kettles

Introducing MKN’s new range of multifunctional mixing kettles for professional kitchens – saving time and money in busy catering operations.

Overcome your customers’ kitchen challenges with models available from 80 litres up to 475 litres:

  • Suitable for cooking, stirring, mashing and whipping
  • Remove manual processes to free up labour and cooking line capacity
  • Deliver consistent food quality irrespective of skill level
  • Wide range of accessories and a cook/chill option
  • Designed with safety and ergonomics in mind
  • Boost capacity, reduce labour time and minimise the cost per meal

By automating large parts of the mashing and cleaning processes, MKN’s calculations show a 200 litre kettle can save £10 in labour costs for a single batch of 600 mashed potato portions, compared with a 200 litre boiling kettle.

All seven capacity variants include a 10” capacitive touchscreen with simple-to-use but advanced controls, including space for 1,000 pre-set cooking programmes, an AutoCook process, three cleaning programmes and HACCP memory.