Recirculation units for kitchens in high demand

New Recirculation Unit for Commercial Kitchens, the CK ReCirc™

The demand for these recirculation units is always growing, as more unusual and restricted spaces are being optimised by catering business owners. Recirculating will allow such kitchen professionals to take advantage of existing spaces without the high cost and practical implications that would apply to retrofitting permanent equipment like exhaust hood fans and ductwork, which filter airborne grease and smoke out into the atmosphere.

CK Direct’s ReCirc™ is a self-contained kitchen ventilation unit with environmental design considerations that also eliminate major risks to the kitchen, such as ductwork fire hazards. Multiple stages of inventive filtration within the unit remove grease, particulate, smoke and odour before re-introducing cleaner air to the kitchen – The unit therefore, needs no direct duct connection to the atmosphere.

Let’s revolutionise your commercial kitchen

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