Rational cooking systems deliver speed, flexibility and cost savings

Rehan Uddin demonstrates Asian Cuisine with a digital twist!

The founder the Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON), and chef patron of Indi-Yang, Torquay Rehan Uddin in partnership with Rational is presenting at two separate events. Taking place on 12 June, at First Choice, Cannock.

The first event of the day, the Rational Expert Chef Asian Academy, Rehan will demonstrate how the intelligent applications of the intelligent Rational iCombi Pro combi-steamer can turn into a digital tandoori oven and also prepare charred and non-charred dishes. The Academy is designed for existing users of Rational combi-steamers to get the most out of their appliance.

During the event participants will learn about the intelligent appliance‘s settings, how they can deliver speed, flexibility and energy savings, whilst maintaining excellent and consistent results.

The Expert Chef Asian Academy commences at 10.00, register at: https://www.rational-online.com/en_gb/lp/expert-chef-academy/

During the afternoon event, the Rational iVario Pro Expert Chef Cook Live, Rehan will demonstrate Asian cuisine at it’s best. He will prepare high volume food in the iVario Pro a technologically advanced bratt pan, demonstrating how onion gravy, bulk curry and masala sauces can be prepared with ease and flexibility. Rehan will also show how the intelligent iVario cooking system can also help to reduce energy, save on labour, make cost savings and increase business profits.

The Rational iVario Pro Asian Cook Live event commences at 13.30 register at: https://www.rational-online.com/en_gb/lp/expert-chef-asian-cook-live/

These exclusive free events will have a Q&A session, and take place at First Choice Catering Spares Ltd, Lakeside Cannock, WS11 8LD. Space is limited, therefore it is highly recommended to register attendance early.