Can any members recommend a good supplier for bean to cup coffee machines serving up to about 100 cups a day who are happy to deal with catering equipment companies (rather than those specifically in the coffee sector) aside from Brew Group?


  1. Bravilor Adam
  2. General Catering Ltd can help specifically with returned machines. They have large quantity of thermoplan bean to cup and all machines are in working order with full service history
  3. Justin Stockwell @ Caffiene
  4. Morvend. Contact: Andy Gurney Tel: 0800 9775992. Mobile: 07825 113944. They are very helpful and professional, based in Herts.
  5. Best person to talk to is Justin Stockwell, Managing Director – Tel: +44 (0)1707-278400
  6. The only company we have dealt with is WMF. They happily deal with distributors but are very ‘picky’ about installation which they insist on doing themselves and has to be 100% correct. And that means 100% They also like to develop a direct relationship with the client as well, which doesn’t always sit well. Other than that, good machines with good results.
  7. Fracino
  8. WMF
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