We are involved in a project where the client wants part of the service counter to have round ice cream tubs inset into a marble top. They have seen this at ‘Flatiron’ in London. Ice cream is scooped into cones then rolled in chocolate, hand shaved onto the marble top.

I am told that the insulated lift-out ice cream ‘buckets’ are standard but also that the undercounter is refrigerated in some way too to prolong the life of the ice cream.

Is anyone aware of this kind of display? Would refrigeration under be bespoke? Or is there no refrigeration at all and the tubs keep the ice cream usable for an extended period?

Any information (tubs or refrigeration) gratefully received!


  1. Try Silver King. They have a drop in square freezer client could then put a circular collar around –
  2. via Carpiagiani
  3. I’d say it’s a Bespoke Item and would therefore contact Counterline or Precision – so they can build to the clients specification
  4. I think IFI do something like this – Just remove the lids –
  5. Nemox supply these or Framec they are ice cream freezers. 
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