We have a client asking for our engagement in WRRS; Work Related Road Safety and/or accreditation to FOR’s, this is not typically a requirement within our scope of works, as such may I ask any members how they have addressed this topic when it has occurred?


1. This has come across our desk before, if for a new client and or series of projects it may be consideration to have own drivers and vehicle put through training and upgrades to achieve FORS status. There are different levels and annual costs involved. If on other hand it’s a singular project that won’t likely come up again there are third party hauliers with the qualification who can undergo the final leg of the journey for deliveries etc onto site to comply. We googled and there are a few that come up, just then about finding one that suits location and costs.

2.We have just gained FORS accreditation and is becoming a normal requirement for local authority tenders. We signed up to FORS which is very complicated and thorough. However, passed first time with strong evidence.

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