Do any ceda members have any recommendations with regards to an asset management software/website to use in catering/refrigeration sectors?


  1. Our recommendation would be Job Logic.
  2. We currently use FSM by company Gabriel, it is well supported and we have recently worked with them on a number of improvements that we wanted. Contact 
    At my previous company we used Optim by company Servasure it is well supported and continues to be developed. Contact
    Both do what is being requested, you can also do project management through both, raising the orders for new equipment, data loading all details along with warranty information so once project is complete there is a seamless flow to service provision.*Stock management of equipment and spares*Assets management*Dash boards*Integration to tracking systems*Customer portals available*Engineers portal*Job planning (can be defined to specific skills)*Both work with SageBoth can be on a server in your building or hosted in the cloud, we use the cloud as you can log in from anywhere in the world, we use our server as a second back up for data.
  3. Job Logic.
  4. Lauren Hunter – email: – at Loopcycle. Their system is asset management and quite a lot more, for manufacturers, distributors and end-users. Website: Loopcycle
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