I am dealing with two or three issues a week where something has been signed for on site, only to later find that the person on the POD didn’t sign for it. People no longer working on site, on holiday, day off, sickness etc (this can often be proved by site that the person wasn’t available that day).
Can we find out if this is happening with other distributors, what steps they are taking to minimise it and potentially what couriers they are working with that are more in control of their drivers?
We cannot be the only distributor in this position.


  1. We work with companies who do the deliveries in 2 ways:
    Either a collated delivery via people like KET or IAC and they don’t seem to have as many issues arising as noted, plus all the equipment is there on the first day of installation or on a pre agreed date.
    Those who decide just to let the manufacturers deliver on an as and when basis well its chaos at best !! especially in the current climate where manufacturers have limited stock etc, so yes we have seen this a lot but the pre install collation does reduce this however there are costs associated with this!
    Third option is a nice friendly installation man and they will take it in and come to site with it!
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    We can help so please do contact us.
    Nick Archer –
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  3. We don’t have this specific issue; however we do still have an issue with couriers leaving parcels inside our reception door and driving off without getting signatures or letting a member of staff know that they have delivered.
  4. The steps we take are:
    Confirm exact location to where delivery is to go.
    Confirm Date and where possible time.
    Office team to contact supplier to confirm delivery and confirm again a few days later, dependant on delivery lead time etc.
    Delivery drive to call an hour before delivery to a designated person.
    Photo evidence from delivery driver to whom and where it has been delivered to.
    Suggest a “Safe Place” or location of delivery.
    “Ring” doorbell system, where appropriate, as had on occasions, they have delivered and have video evidence to say they haven’t (they got sacked!)
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    As a support business to dealers, I can’t obviously comment on direct deliveries to sites but I can imagine this happening.
    We have however seen an increase in our work where we have been asked to consolidate equipment and accessories for dealers, particularly ones who have smaller warehousing space. We receive the goods and check off against a spreadsheet to ensure we have everything before we deliver and install.
    This service is available to all should the member wish to make contact.
    Contact: Lee Martin –
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  6. Yes, this is happening with us as well.
    We rely sometimes on tracking info when a part has been sent to site – it will say delivered, we go to a site usually never local hence sending the part to them and on arrival – nowhere to be found. This costs us money of course and the supplier will not refund due to the delivery ‘not being guaranteed’
    Also, a times delivery is also marked as delivered by the required time and often not – this is so the driver is in the clear and gets paid which is not fair as again it’s costing firms like us money all the time.
    Field engineers are not cheap to keep on the road and ultimately the customer is then let down having to wait another day – again customers pay our wages and when we let them down they will go elsewhere.
    It looks incompetent on our part as they never understand.
    Likewise we have parcels turning up on the shop floor and without signing or taking physical delivery they still sign in my name!
    FedEx I believe are the worst offenders as they need paying on the timed deliveries.
    We have another driver (DHL) who did this twice to us and one of our Team managed to collar him before he left one morning and gave him a right talking to – the driver explained he gets into trouble and loses money if he does not make the delivery on time so we said to call us if this happens again so we are aware and he does (rarely though)
    It started from Covid deliveries (no contact etc) and they are using it to their own ends now.
    I think they should bring back having things signed for – the on-line pads they use don’t work as they are reading false deliveries now where the driver signs it himself as the customer.
    Hope this helps!
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