We have a Member who is looking to invest in new service management software and has asked if Members can recommend companies/packages that they have found to provide excellent value for money.


  1. We use Clik and find them to be excellent.
  2. We use the Clik Service 4.2 we have used it since 1999 and it is really good system. It is supplied by Clik Software in Bristol 0117 902 2012They are very friendly and helpful and has a good web site with lots of information on the package.We use it for refrigeration and catering + sales, quotes the whole company sales, Service , Installs and Accounts use the same data base, we can access it remotely for Service and also the engineers link to it remotely on PDA.

    The Sales man down there is called Paul Snowden.

  3. Siclops by Advanced Field Service. Not cheap but a very powerful tool particularly when it comes to collecting data for analysis. Also worth noting that there are lots of grants available through growth funding (particularly for engineering) which is how I financed ours.
  4. We have a very flexible system which has been developed specifically for our engineers and is available from:Geoff Perkins – Director
    Commercial Software Ltd
    John de Mierre House
    20 Bridge Road
    Haywards Heath
    RH16 1UATel: 01444817503
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