Protecting Combination / Steam Ovens for ceda Members

The quality of feed water going into your combi-oven has a dramatic effect, not only on the quality of your end product but also on the reliability and longevity of the equipment. Various contaminants in mains water can lead to scaling and corrosion of machine parts, causing equipment failure and potentially leading to expensive and time-consuming service call outs. This is a widespread problem that needs addressing.  

The effects of metal corrosion and mineral scale formation on steam equipment:

  • Fractures, Pin holing and Leaks
  • Damaged Boiler Shells
  • Increased Energy Usage
  • Damaged Cabinet Walls and Racks
  • Clogged Spray Heads and Tubing
  • Increased Operating Costs
  • Damaged Sensors and Probes
  • Slower Heating Times
  • Reduced Equipment Life
  • Damaged Steam Generators
  • Longer Cooking Cycles
  • Increased Maintenance Co

What are we Looking to Achieve?

Remove Limescale

Prevent Equipment

Remove Chlorine
& Sediment

The Solution - Everpure Claris

Recommended for*

6 GRID*              10 GRID*              20/40 GRID*

Filter Heads

The Claris system’s filter head (sold separately) contains a unique Duo Blend™ bypass valve which provides unequalled accuracy for scale and acidity control by enabling precise adjustment which, unlike some other systems is not affected by flow rate.

  • Comes in both 3/8” push fit and 3/8 BSP Male
  • Has a built-in flush valve


  • Removes limescale via an Ion selective media.
  • Removes Chlorine via a block of activated carbon.
  • Reduces sediment and heavy metals.


Prevents scale formation on surfaces.

All cartridges offer a 5-stage filtration process, which includes:

  • Prefiltration
  • Carbonate hardness adjustment
  • Fine filtration
  • Highly effective carbon block
  • Solid membrane filter

Conserv 75S - High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System

For any sites where the total dissolved solids (TDS) is particularly high then we can offer the Conserv 75S the Reverse Osmosis specifically designed for combination / steam ovens. This will remove 98% of contaminants and prevent corrosion and scale formation.

For more infomation please contact our ceda representative

Supplementary Products

Claris Carbonate HardnessTest Kit

SKU: EV433940 

Use to obtain a baseline measurement of hardness, which is essential information when setting up any new system designed to deal with water hardness.

Everpure Scout Digital Flow Meter

SKU: EV433934

Essential if you wish to determine filter cartridge replacement intervals accurately. Monitors the volume of water going through a filter and displays the remaining filtration capacity in litres.

Connected Digital Water Meter & Wi-Fi Hub


Water flow measurement at your fingertips. Monitor your filter’s lifecycle and performance, avoiding unnecessary guesswork with filter replacements. The iHub sends data via WiFi making it easy to access your data anywhere.

For More Information Please Contact Ben Smith.

As the divisional catering and refrigeration lead for Aqua Cure, with a wealth of sector experience Ben acts as our ceda contact lead for all member requirements. Contact Ben on: 01704 516916 |