New VARIOCART Trolley From Hupfer UK Makes Work Easier And Safer

Hupfer UK is redefining general-purpose trolleys for catering environments with the launch of VARIOCART, a best-in-class solution with higher load capacity, improved handling, and better green credentials than comparative trolleys.

Built with strength and design in mind, VARIOCART has extra-strong welded seams and a smart shelf connection to deliver 300kg load capacity (100kg per shelf) – an unbreakable trolley, even in the most demanding of environments.

Stainless steel shelves with 11 levels for individual configurations, designed to fit 600mm x 400mm Euro containers (two Euro containers or four water crates per shelf) to save work and time, while adjustable board heights and an optional ergonomic handle improve handling to enhance safety throughout the catering operation.

VARIOCART meets the growing demand for sustainability because it is delivered flatpack to cut transport space by 75%, reducing storage costs and carbon footprint through optimised deliveries. It is made from approximately 85% recycled materials and climate-neutral shipping is available too.

The new VARIOCART makes work easier and safer – its ergonomic handle offers caterers a more upright walk and the adjustable top shelf ensures an optimal working height of up to 900mm.

Hupfer UK will buy back VARIOCART trolleys at the end of their lifecycle to be recycled (or arrange for local recovery if it’s more eco-friendly to do so) under its Buy Back Promise. Users will receive the per-kilo price of the recyclable material on the buy-back day, whilst supporting a closed-loop circular economy.
Marc Sumner, sales and marketing director for Hupfer UK, said: “This is a revolutionary new trolley that will shift perceptions on general purpose trolleys.

“It’s stronger, safer, greener, and more durable than anything we’ve produced before – the result of many years’ development, combined with the German manufacturing excellence that our customers have come to expect.

“It’s ideal for any catering environment, but there’s more to VARIOCART than its performance and durability. We’ve taken steps to ensure a range of sustainability benefits for organisations that are looking to buy greener products as they embark on their own net-zero journey.”

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