Introducing the new Boiling Chilled InstaTap from Instanta

The InstaTap is an affordable drinking water system that delivers filtered boiling and chilled water. Manufactured in the U.K, Instanta uses high-grade components and quality materials that are rigorously tested to deliver the highest quality.

The ability of the new InstaTap to serve both boiling and chilled water brings a dynamic solution to serving drinks quickly. Featuring illuminating buttons and two dispensing height options – standard for cups and mugs, and high for refillable bottles, the InstaTap is easy to use and safeguards sustainability by allowing users to refill rather than drink from single-use plastic bottles. Wellbeing is also protected through a focus on hygiene, with an antimicrobial addictive reducing bacteria by 99.9%.

InstaTap also comes in two finishes, Bright Chrome, and Matt Black, with capacities catering for both office and commercial environments. Our office offerings include a 5 and 20 litre unit and commercial a 10 and 20 litre unit. This personalisation allows for a bespoke design that satisfies your businesses requirements.

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