MKN: Helping you to deliver kitchens for the future

Operators want their kitchens to perform well, meet compliance and drive efficiencies, but nobody wants to pay again if their investment becomes outdated too soon.

How can you deliver kitchens fit for the future? With the help of MKN, that’s how.

We believe manufacturers have a role to play in minimising energy use and extending the lifetime of appliances.

That’s why we’re committed to continuously developing products that consume as little energy and water as possible, operating reliably and efficiently for many years.

Our innovations include:

  • – A wide range of modular electric appliances for horizontal cooking – tap into more efficient cooking to keep running costs down
  • – Induction excellence – induction cooking in MKN’s modular ranges such as Counter SL and Hotline can reduce boiling time by 55% compared to hot plates
  • – Ready for energy optimisation – MKN is one of few manufacturers with the technology that enables our appliances to connect with and optimise in line with an energy optimisation interface for enhanced kitchen efficiency
  • – FOG management solutions – a Grease Collection system available as an option on MKN FlexiCombi MagicPilot combi steamer models, helping to meet ever-stringent requirements for fats, oils and grease management
  • – Energy-saving technology built into appliances – including MKN’s heat exchanger technology on FlexiCombi models, which saves 1.1kW per hour (10-grid model) for significant savings

Speak to our team to see how we can help you build kitchens for the future.

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