Merrychef Launches Ready Recipes – A Tailored Online Recipe Resource

Merrychef, a leading high-speed oven brand from ceda Platinum Partner Welbilt, today launches the innovative ‘Ready Recipes’, a downloadable resource which provides hundreds of recipes at the click of a button. Designed with chefs, caterers and independent businesses in mind, the recipes are carefully tailored to the Merrychef product portfolio for the perfect result, every time.

Boasting a library of over 600 recipes, with more to come from Merrychef’s development team, the dedicated Ready Recipes website provides free and instant online access to a range of model-specific cooking profiles which are easily transferred to the customer’s personal e-cookbook. This e-cookbook is then downloaded to the customer’s Merrychef high speed oven via a USB, allowing customers to develop their menus with ultimate ease.

An intuitive filter system allows operators to search through a library of model-specific recipes. Each recipe featured has been rigorously performance-tested at the Merrychef culinary centre to ensure operators achieve perfect serving temperatures and top-quality results, with each recipe precisely honed to the customer’s exact model. Caterers can also filter through the extensive library of recipes by course or cuisine which further enhances customisation.

For recipe choice with extra finesse, Merrychef has also uploaded a variety of signature dishes to the new Ready Recipes website. Created by chefs from around the world, these show-stopping dishes are accessed via the ‘Chefs World’ tab on the culinary website.

Colin Lacey, Managing Director of Merrychef, commented: “Thanks to the launch of Ready Recipes, customers will be able to take full advantage of the incredible culinary capabilities of Merrychef high speed ovens. We want to help our customers expand their menu choice and ensure they are able to easily deliver the high quality, fast-paced food service that has become synonymous with Merrychef ovens.”

For more information on Ready Recipes and tips on how to create a profile, please visit