Mechline achieves Kiwa (KUKreg4 1+) certification across entire AquaTechnix range

Specialist equipment manufacturer Mechline Developments is delighted to announce that their entire range of AquaTechnix products, which includes commercial taps and pre-rinse sprays, has received Kiwa UK Regulation 4 certification, 1+.

This demonstrates that the AquaTechnix range is compliant with Reg 4 of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 – the regulation that all products connected to the UK water supply must comply with.

Kiwa’s prestigious KUKreg4 1+ certification is only given following an annual factory audit and a rigorous product approval process, where the build and testing of each product within the already sought-after AquaTechnix range was independently, and thoroughly, reviewed. In addition, all AquaTechnix components were sent to the Kiwa labs where they—and the finished products—were tested for material suitability and endurance, with all elements that encounter water scrutinised to ensure efficacy and robustness.

Jonathan Price, Business Development Manager at Kiwa UK, who presented the certification to the Mechline team that worked closely with Kiwa throughout the process, including Nick Falco and Alina Enache, was complimentary about the products:

“We are delighted that the Mechline range of AquaTechnix products are now listed on the Kiwa UK database that is regularly used by water suppliers, architects and specifiers as a reliable source for Regulation 4 compliant products. Taking the KUKreg4 1+ certification route differentiates the Mechline range of AquaTechnix products as the manufacturing, quality and compliance of the products are monitored on and annual basis, which is a weakness of a level 3 certification which has traditionally been chosen by manufacturers. Congratulations to the team involved on opting for the highest level of water product compliance!”

Mechline’s mission to receive Kiwa certification is not just limited to the AquaTechnix range. In fact, Mechline is looking to transition further water products, including Aquajet, BaSix and Catertap over from WRAS to Kiwa for UK Regulation 4 1+ certification – a decision that Nick Falco, Technical Director at Mechline Developments, goes on to explain:

“With the KUKreg4 certification, our customers, and end user operators, can feel reassured that the products they are purchasing from Mechline have undergone robust and independent testing by a global third party. What’s more, with the annual audits that Kiwa offer, we can maintain compliance if and when the regulation changes!

People are often surprised to learn that it is not illegal to manufacture or sell products that are non-compliant with regulations. It is only once they are installed that it becomes an offence, and the onus is on users, installers, and operators to ensure this compliance.

An added benefit of Mechline demonstrating compliance through KUKreg4, is that all certified products are added to the KUKreg4 database. Customers and operators can locate and check products quickly and easily, for unwavering confidence in their quality, and suitability”.