Maidaid Halcyon Celebrates Its 45th Anniversary

Maidaid Halcyon is celebrating 45 years as a prominent catering equipment

The company was first formed as Maidaid Ltd back in 1974, by founders who identified the need for under counter cabinet glasswashers for use in the UK hospitality industry. This was a time when the majority of pubs only hand washed using a countertop rotating brush and dried each glass by hand.

After three hard years of trying to sell the concept, the breakthrough eventually occurred with a major pub group. Where single orders from pub tenants or owners turned into regular order stream, resulting in dramatic growth for the company.

Maidaid machines are still the product of choice for this pub group, now being supplied by one of their loyal distributors.

As the company grew it merged its Halcyon and Maidaid brands enabling the company to offer the unrivaled range it continues to present today.

Once the company decided to focus on warewashing it felt the time was right to introduce larger rack and flight machines into its regular range. Maidaid Halcyon are one of the few warewashing suppliers that consider a rack machine a stock item.

The success of this approach has resulted in the company keeping stock of basic models which have recently been reengineered for improved energy efficiency, serviceability and end-user interface.

Now, the business is recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glasswashers, dishwashers, utensil/potwashers, racks & flight machines and icemakers.

Maidaid Halcyon also provide a range of ancillary products including water softeners and water treatment devices as well as best quality specialist detergents.

The company is delighted that its efforts in providing a first-class service have received industry-wide recognition, winning awards from CEDA, Catering Insight and ENSE in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The Maidaid Halcyon range can now be considered one of the most comprehensive from any warewashing equipment supplier.

During its 45 year history, Maidaid Halcyon have achieved an almost unbeatable reputation within the distributor catering industry, citing its employees as a major contribution.

Sales Director, Julian Lambert, from Maidaid Halcyon, said: “We will continue to work hard to add further customer satisfaction. Maidaid’s employees are our company’s greatest asset and therefore every effort is made to further develop their product knowledge and  appreciation of the company structure and the key role they all play in the delivery of a service they can be proud of.”

To find out more about Maidaid Halcyon’s range, visit, email or call 0345 130 8070.