Lincat sets a new benchmark in high speed, ventless cooking

CiBO+ launched in April 2022 and has had an incredible first year! With three awards already under its belt, the global sales for this high speed oven outnumber any other product launched by Lincat in its entire 50 year history! Lincat has already had to double the size of their production facilities to keep up with demand!

Paul Godfrey, Sales & Marketing Director for Lincat, said:

“CiBO+ utilises a unique, patent pending tri-heat technology Microwave, TurboAir and ContactBase. Operators were quick to appreciate the superior quality cook results delivered by the controllable ContactBase, which along with the TurboAir creates a dual temperature cavity.

“Where quality has historically been compromised for speed, CiBO+ with its unique Tri-Heat technology guarantees excellent results and no soggy bottoms, delivering perfectly cooked hot snacks, pizza, pastries, sweet food, appetisers, main dishes, side dishes and breakfast dishes.

“What also makes CiBO+ unique is the five temperature groups, instead of compromising food quality by cooking everything at the same temperature, users can set up to five different oven and base temperatures and then menu items can be assigned to a group which will deliver the best results.”

High on the agenda for end users was achieving the same high quality results for every order. Ventless, compact and plugging into a standard 13amp socket, CiBO+ is designed to be used in non-traditional spaces such as garage forecourts, convenience stores, back counters in leisure centres etc. and with this brings the challenge of multiple operators with potentially limited food skills.

With CiBO+ achieve the same high quality result for every order. Simply press any one of the 40 menu items on the QPad touch screen and the oven will do the rest. Removing language barriers, minimising training time, operating errors and food waste.

It is easy to customise the position of menu items on the screen and optimise recipe settings to suit the needs of the business with the Touch & Change concept technology.  Simply touch what needs to be changed, and change it. The PIN lock can be utilised to protect recipe settings, for the same great results every time regardless of the operator. For chains and multi-site operations, menus can be cloned and shared between sites via USB.

Designed to deliver big in small spaces, the 395mm x 600mm compact footprint has a generous sized oven easily accommodating a 12” pizza!

Available in four colours – black, purple, green and red. Support dietary preferences with a green oven for vegan and red for proteins, alternatively business owners can choose the colour to suit their business.

With increasing energy costs and a growing awareness of the need for sustainability, CiBO+ has been designed to be kinder to the planet and bottom line. 25% faster heat up, rapid Cooldown+, plus cooking 12x faster than conventional cooking methods, saves energy and time, as well as increasing staff productivity. And the savings don’t stop there! Designed to be efficient in the use of the energy during the cooking process CiBO+ will deliver 3 x 12” pizzas and 6 toasties using just 1.44kW of energy!

The ventless technology also deliver energy savings re-circulating the hot cooking air through a heater and catalytic converter before its blown back into the cooking chamber.

And when the oven isn’t in use, in eco model it uses less than 1kW per hour!

At a time when everyone is sensitive to cross infection, unique antimicrobial protection technology reduces the spread of viruses on touch points including the touch screen and door handle.

The unique rapid Cooldown+ programme cools the oven in minutes without the need for an ice tray. CiBO+ Sparkle Cleaner, CiBO+ Protect Shield and a smooth, easy to clean cavity speed up the cleaning process. Designed for easy access, the front mounted air filter can be easily removed and put through the dishwasher.

For peace of mind, CiBO+ has been designed to be future proofed, with USB for updates, configuring and cloning menu sharing.

As with all Lincat products sold in the UK, FriFri fryers will be supplied with a comprehensive, two-year parts and labour warranty.

CiBO+ is available to purchase from Lincat. To book a demo or for more information please call 01522 875500 or see

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