iVario Pro by Rational: the new performance class for the professional kitchen

The iVario Pro sets new standards for the professional kitchen. The cooking system, which works with contact heat, impresses with intelligent functions and consumes 40% less energy than conventional tilting pans and boiling pans. Although connected loads have been reduced compared to the predecessor VarioCookingCenter, it has up to 20% higher searing capacity and with the maintenance-free pressure cooking option, it is up to 35% faster compared to cooking without pressure.

iVarioBoost, the intelligent energy management system, ensures precise temperatures on the pan base and sensitively regulates them. With iZoneControl, the pan base can be divided into up to four zones, so the user can cook different foods simultaneously, on a time delay and at different temperatures. The ergonomy also sets new standards with height-adjustable legs, cold pan sides and rounded corners allowing for safer working.

“Productivity, flexibility and simplicity are what characterise the new iVario Pro,” explains Simon Lohse, Managing Director of ceda Platinum Partner, Rational UK. The patented iVarioBoost heating system is based on ceramic heating elements which are firmly attached to the scratch-resistant pan base and evenly distributed. The iVario Pro will heat up to 200° in less than 2.5 minutes and has enough energy to sear around 30kg of goulash in approximately 15 minutes. This makes iVarioBoost 4 times faster than conventional technology. Also, when cold liquid, for example cream is poured into a casserole there is no drop in temperature. The iVarioBoost can take away the energy almost just as fast, preventing delicate foods such as rice pudding from sticking or boiling over. Lohse continues, “This is maximum power alongside extreme precision.”

The precision is provided by the iCookingSuite, the cooking intelligence in the iVario Pro. Sensors detect the quantity and condition of the food, regulating the cooking parameters accordingly so that the desired result can be achieved without the user having to do much. “The iVario Pro eliminates the need for checking and monitoring. Such as with AutoLift, which automatically lifts the food out of the cooking liquid,” explains Simon Lohse. At the same time, the operating concept is new and the user can either select cooking programs for meat, fish, poultry and side dishes, or cooking methods such as frying pan or deep-fat fryer. This will save time for training and learning.

iZoneControl provides more flexibility, as the iVario Pro pan base can be divided up into four zones, which can be of any shape or size. Each of the zones can be used with different cooking paths and temperatures. It is possible to cook foods with very different requirements at the same time, for example you can delicately fry fish, while the asparagus is cooking at a low temperature and also sear the lamb cutlets on a high heat, then let them rest.

The new cooking system sets new standards in terms of ergonomics. The height of the cooking system can be adjusted meaning the user can work ergonomically with the cooking system at the optimal height, simplifying many preparation methods, such as turning escalopes or steaks. Different setup variations are available, such as wall hanging or on castors making the new cooking system very adaptable.

As nothing sticks on the pan it means that the iVario Pro is easy to clean, a little water, a little detergent and a sponge, completed often in two minutes, saving time.

The iVario Pro 2-S with two pans is ideal for restaurants or as an additional unit in business and industry catering. The two single-pan cooking systems with capacities of 100 or 150 litres are the new performers in industry catering. The new generation units are complemented by the iVario 2-XS, which is perfect for restaurants from 30 meals with its two 17-litre pans and a full package of accessories.

Anyone who would like to discover more about the new cooking system can now convince themselves of its performance in the online webinar More Tour 2020. Interested parties will soon be able to experience all cooking systems also live at the More Tour 2020, the dates will be available on rational-online.com