Introducing Associate Member: Shire Leasing PLC

Shire Leasing serve UK SMEs across all market sectors with asset finance solutions to help support business growth and maximise sales conversions for equipment vendors. So whether your customer is a multi-national restaurant chain on a high street, or a sole trader running the local café, Shire are well-positioned to support UK businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As one of the UK’s Top 50 Asset Finance Companies, with an Own Book facility of over £200m and extensive lines of credit with more than 30 other funders, Shire Leasing have the flexibility to tailor deals and secure the most appropriate rates for individual business needs.

They offer a range of asset finance solutions to help your business customers invest in your equipment more affordably, with conventional options such as lease finance and hire purchase for the acquisition of business equipment and assets, as well as offering cash-flow solutions such as Refinance, Sale and Leaseback and Business Loans.

By working with Shire Leasing, offering a finance option to your business customers is simple. You will have access to a dedicated Account Manager who will take the time to understand your business operations and sales processes, so that integrating a finance option is seamless. Shire also provide a range of innovative sales aid tools such as Shire Online, a lease proposal system to calculate quotes, propose customer finance applications, get instantly automated underwriting decisions and send documentation to customers for e-signature, all within minutes.

All proposals placed through Shire’s online channels are auto-decisioned within seconds. Furthermore, in-house underwriters review every application that doesn’t receive an auto-acceptance, with an average turnaround time of just 1hr 37mins so you and your customer can continue your sale with minimal disruption.

To benefit from simple processes, vast expertise, instant finance decisions for your customers and same-day payout of invoices upon completion of all relevant documentation, get in touch today.

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Call: 01827 689 39