How MKN boosts efficiency at Sally Abé’s The Pem

Sally Abé’s The Pem, set in the elegant Conrad London St. James Hotel, reopened its doors recently following a summer recess to install a brand-new kitchen,complete with MKN equipment.

The new design from Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment Ltd splits one single kitchen into two, boosting efficiency across the hotel’s two main restaurants, TheBlue Boar Pub and The Pem.

It also gave Sally Abé and Michael Riordan, Executive Chef for The Conrad, the flexibility to select the MKN equipment, layout, flow and functionality best suited to the cooking style of their respective restaurants.

The new kitchens at Conrad London St. James Hotel include:

    • Three MKN Masterline cooking blocks, individually manufactured to bespoke designs.
    • MKN FlexiCombi and SpaceCombi combi steamers , with enhanced performance and energy saving features.
    • MKN FlexiChef multifunctional appliance , which that lets chefs fry, steam, boil, deep fry, high speed cook or sous vide cook, all in one appliance
    • All configured to enable energy optimisation using the Sicotronic system

The project team also took advantage of MKN’s innovative digital kitchen 3D design tool, allowing live updates throughout client workshops.

Mark Kendall, Managing Director at Gratte Brothers, said:

“We were keen to introduce The Conrad to some of the latest products on the market. We knew that by doing so, we would be delivering added value by showcasing how greater efficiency in their operations could be achieved.

Partnerships are key to Gratte Brothers, so we flew out to Germany in January and it was very clear to see the innovation and quality involved in MKN’s products.”

Wayne Bennett, VP Sales and Marketing UK and Ireland for MKN, said:

“This project is a testament to the collaborative approach taken by Gratte Brothers, the innovation of the MKN Digital Kitchen platform and the willingness of the client to put their trust in their suppliers.

“We’ve worked closely with the Gratte Brothers team for a number of years. This led to a close working relationship on this project, where we hosted a chef visit to the Houses of Parliament nearby and held a digital workshop using our MKN Digital Kitchen platform. This was a chance to work together to scope out the suite configuration for both The Pem restaurant and The Blue Boar Pub kitchens.It was important to make sure that the layouts met the brief for the chefs, but also for the sustainability, facilities management, and Hilton management teams.

“Combining innovative performance features with high quality build, we’re confident they will deliver consistent cooking, sustainable performance and reliability for many years to come.”

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