Hoshizaki’s Premier Range

At Hoshizaki (a ceda Silver Partner), we understand that preserving food freshness is of paramount importance. That’s why the Premier range is equipped with smart refrigeration solutions that go above and beyond. The innovative technology and efficient air circulation system ensures optimal temperature recovery every time you open the cabinet door or defrost. Say goodbye to compromised food quality and hello to extended shelf life and minimized food waste.

Performing at climate class 5, the Premier range can withstand ambient kitchen temperatures of up to 40 ℃ whilst remaining as efficient as originally designed. This means that the produce inside will remain unaffected and the energy efficiency, uninhibited.

But it’s not just about performance; we believe that style matters too. The Premier range cabinets boast a sleek and uniform design that effortlessly blends into any professional kitchen. Crafted with durability in mind, each cabinet features a stainless steel construction and solid door hinges. Not only do they withstand the rigours of demanding kitchen operations, but they also operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful working environment.

When it comes to sustainability, the Premier range takes the lead. Our energy-efficient LED lighting and smart temperature controls not only reduce energy consumption but also contribute to cost savings and a greener footprint. We believe in providing top-notch performance while being mindful of our impact on the environment.

Product placement can be vital when it comes to quick supply in the kitchen, so the clear glass doors can come in incredibly useful when viewing what’s next to pull out the shelves. With our largest cabinet consisting of 22 levels of shelves, there will never be any lack of space issues. So whatever size you need, odds are we have it.

Experience the Hoshizaki Premier range and discover a new level of precision, reliability, and sophistication in refrigeration. Whether you’re a chef in a busy restaurant or the owner of a small catering business, our range offers the versatility, durability, and exceptional performance you need to excel in your culinary endeavours.