Hoshizaki goes sub-zero in new blast chilling and freezing launch

ceda Platinum Partner Hoshizaki, the world’s leading refrigeration and ice machine manufacturer, has announced the expansion of its popular Snowflake portfolio, with an innovative 2-in-1 blast chiller and freezer range.

Engineered to perform in the most demanding of environments, the new units are capable of quickly and efficiently blast chilling and freezing cooked foods, all in one unit, without affecting the taste or texture. This is achieved thanks to protective hard and soft cycles which switch from a chilling/freezing mode, to a storage mode, via an advanced automatic timer. Available in a variety of sizes, the Snowflake Blast Chiller and Freezer series is designed to meet the fundamental requirements of cook-chill/freeze  operations through durable materials, sturdy design, perfect performance and instant convenience.

Made from the highest quality, non-corrosive stainless steel, the new Blast Chiller/Freezer units not only provide outstanding reliability, but are also exceptionally easy to clean thanks to their ergonomic design. Smooth surfaces, rounded internal corners, removable shelves and an easily accessible fan and evaporator add to the exceptional ease of maintenance of these units.

For kitchens lacking in space yet looking for a unit that has substantial blast chilling/freezing capacity within a single unit, then the deceivingly generous undercounter SBU 20 HL boasts a 20kg chilling capacity, 12kg freezing capacity and 5 rack positions. The largest unit within the four-wide Snowflake Blast range is the SBU 40 HT which boasts an impressive 42kg chilling capacity, 25kg freezing capacity in addition to 10 rack positions.

The new Snowflake Blast Chillers/Freezers also feature incredibly fast chill/freeze times making the units exceptionally well-suited to fast-paced catering facilities as Roz Scourfield, National Sales Manager at Hoshizaki UK, delights:

“The Hoshizaki Snowflake 2-in-1Blast Chiller/Freezer range features some of the quickest and safest blast chilling/freezing times available on the market. To put this statement into perspective, operators of the SBU 40 HT can chill foods from as high as +90°c down to just +3°c in just 90 minutes, complying with the best practice guidance set by the Food Standards Authority. Fast forward a further 150 minutes, and an item can be frozen to a temperature as low as -18 °. The new Blast Chiller/Freezer range is yet another example of Hoshizaki’s commitment to offering operators exceptionally convenient, efficient and innovative catering solutions.”

The new Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range comes with a comprehensive two-year part and labour warranty as standard.

The price for the Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range starts from £3510+VAT.

For more information on the Snowflake Blast Chiller/Freezer range, or to find out about the other appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please see http://www.hoshizaki-europe.com or call 01322 616 900.