Hobart Unveils Suite of Innovative Solutions in Response to Ban on Single-Use Plastics

As of the 1st October 2023, new legislation around the supply of single-use plastics has officially come into effect across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

The new legislation bans the supply, sale or offer of single-use plastic plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, balloon sticks, and certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers.

As a market leader with a real commitment to sustainable issues and a global reach into territories where single-use plastics have either been eradicated or their usage severely curtailed, Hobart’s expert teams have been able to get at least two years ahead of the UK market. 

The result is a range of highly effective and hygienic reusable plastic washing and drying solutions for all sizes of operation – from the smallest cafés to the largest stadiums.

Undercounter Solution

Hobart’s undercounter PREMAX FP machines offer the best possible drying results for reusable cups, bowls and bottles for smaller sites.

• Built-in TOP-DRY reduces drying time and negates the need for drying areas. 

• Specially developed rack systems keep lightweight plastics in place.

• Hobart’s unique HYLINE Rinse Aid provides superior drying performance for plastic cups, cutlery, and dishes – saving on costly and laborious drying and stacking time. 

Hood-type Solution

Hobart has created a unique, active hood-type drying system which can be retrofitted to existing tabling at any time. 

• Installation is simple and can be adapted to a specific kitchen footprint. 

• Using HYLINE Rinse Aid, operators can achieve fast, stain-free drying of plastics, saving valuable time, while prioritising a fully hygienic finish.

Rack and Flight-type Solutions

When there’s absolutely no compromise on capacity, speed, efficiency and easy drying of reusables, Hobart’s ground-breaking Rack and Flight-type machines provide the perfect solution.   

• The DYNAMIC-DRY function on Hobart’s rack machines increases drying efficiency by up to 50% – cleaning up to 60 racks or 1,500 cups per hour.

• Hobart’s flight type dishwashers can wash up to 10,000 cups per hour, while a specially developed cup conveyor belt enables lightweight, reusable cups to be cleaned without a rack.  A powerful and highly efficient blowing zone removes excess water via air blades on all four sides.

To discover the right set up for your operation, and to see how much switching to reusables could save your customers, visit www.hobartuk.com/reusables

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