Getting the Water Recipe Right

At ceda Silver Partner BRITA, we know that correct water treatment in the catering sector is an issue and knowledge can
be limited. We offer a comprehensive training session that benefits all those who install, sell and
maintain water fed catering equipment and need to know how to get the water recipe right.

Our training covers various topics including:

  • Water hardness: what it does and why it occurs
  • What to test for in water and how
  • What can be done to prevent scale
  • How to correctly install BRITA water filters for combi ovens, dishwashers, waterboilers, brat
    pans and coffee machines

We offer sessions to suit the customer, either at our offices in Bicester or at a location convenient
for your attendees.

If you are interested in attending or arranging a training session please contact Chris Fay or call 07973 758247.