Fryers can beat costs by taking their foot off the gas

The economic climate continues to have a detrimental effect on businesses in the hospitality and catering industry. First, it was the rising prices of rent, food items and oil, and now it is the ever-increasing gas prices.

Fish fryers are one of the many businesses suffering due to the economic downturn. As they continue to struggle to absorb additional costs, for them to succeed in the future, fryers now need to combat the rising gas prices. How can this be resolved?

The national corporate chef at Rational UK, Ian Leadbetter comments, “A solution for the fryers is to
switch to a technologically advanced bratt pan. A modern electric cooking system will help to reduce
running costs and energy consumption, without compromising on the quality of the fish & chips that their customers love.

A multifunctional cooking system with an advanced heating system, such as the Rational iVario Pro
provides outstanding results with a low energy consumption, compared to conventional cooking
methods. The figures are very impressive with up to 40% lower energy consumption and it’s four times faster than traditional cooking appliances, the iVario Pro demonstrably saves resources and increases productivity.”

Fish fryers work in a traditional environment, and any change, for example choosing to switch from
gas to a modern electrical cooking system may seem surprising to others within the industry.

An example of one such fryer who has made this switch is Kennedy’s of London, a fish & chip shop
franchise with branches in London and the home counties established by Alan Richardson. Alan
recently opened a new branch in Fulham, and instead of purchasing traditional deep fat fryers they
installed two Rational iVario Pros.

Their head of facilities Elton Shgjuni spoke about some of the benefits that the iVario Pro has given them, “Gas-powered fryers take a long time to get up to heat and you need to keep it at that heat the whole time, which means the oil doesn’t last as long. The iVario Pro saves a lot of time and energy because we don’t need to switch it on as early. Plus, if there are any quiet periods, we can turn the temperature down until it’s needed, and it’ll just take a few minutes to get ready again.”

The speed and precision of the cooking systems has helped to lower the energy usage in the new branch of Kennedy’s; however, during an economic downturn business owners may be mindful that a capital purchase may come with some risk, or perhaps they may not have sufficient cash flow. Leadbetter says, “Rational acknowledges these challenging times, and for those who want to take their foot off the gas to save costs, can lease an iVario Pro with costs from as little as £5 per day with Rational, in partnership with CF Capital PLC.”

Fryers wishing to discover how the iVario Pro can help to answer many of the challenges, including costs and leasing are invited to participate in a 10-minute RATIONAL webinar, they can register at:

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