Foster EcoShow multideck early adopters already reaping energy benefits

The recently launched EcoShow multideck is already making a huge positive impact on the businesses of early adopters, none more so than Mark and Rosie Kacary of The Norfolk Deli.

Like many business owners, the Norfolk Deli rank reliability and energy efficiency as two of the most important characteristics of a product. Moving to the EcoShow will save the Norfolk Deli nearly £3000 on their energy bills every year. Assuming a lifespan of 10 years, that’s a staggering saving of £30,000 without even taking into consideration the cost of running air conditioning to combat the heat generated from the open fronted multidecks.

Thanks to its impressive storage capacity, The Norfolk Deli has also been able to condense two multidecks worth of produce down into just one EcoShow cabinet, halving the space required!

The EcoShow’s powerful LED uplighting means all stored produce is equally well lit. “The colour of the LEDs is warm, and we’ve noticed it invites people to stop and browse the cheeses on offer, inevitably leading to more impulse purchases.” Mark explained, adding “The lighting is almost theatrical, which really does draw the eye of the customer.”

Read more about their experiences with EcoShow here

Switching to the EcoShow offers a wealth of benefits:

  • Extraordinary uplighting uses LED lighting (patent pending) with new anti-glare feature
  • Visibility of products is maximised through insulated glass doors and side panels
  • The EcoShow range can store between 306 and 884 cans – and that’s without double stacking!
  • All models are fitted as standard with Foster’s award-winning +stayclear low maintenance condenser
  • Swivel castors are supplied as standard for easy movement.

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