First ceda Catering Equipment Project Coordinator certificate awarded!

The first ceda Catering Equipment Project Coordinator training standard certificate has been awarded!

There has been much confusion surrounding Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Cards over the last few years, and how managers in the foodservice sector can qualify for one. After tireless work by ceda’s Technical Support Advisor Peter Kay, the Catering Equipment Project Coordinator training standard was launched back in May of this year.

Rod Wood (pictured opposite), Contracts Manager for ceda member company Keemlaw Group is delighted to be the first approved Catering Equipment Project Coordinator and is keen for others in the industry follow suit. Rod enthuses: “I’m pleased to have completed the course. A dedicated training standard like the one offered by ceda is a vital resource for the sector and I hope my peers in the sector sign-up for the course.”

The Project Coordinator training standard is one of three CSCS-specific courses available.

As Peter Kay explains, “Following on from a survey of our members’ project managers, it became apparent that there were two different roles that fell under the same title of Project Manager. Many Project Managers fulfilled a coordinator function, collating information from colleagues and suppliers whilst the other Project Managers were more knowledgeable and qualified technically. ceda therefore developed training standards for both roles, as well as a dedicated one for our Installation Engineers.”

The training standard modules are all available through the ceda E-Learning platform, free of charge to ceda members, and include:

·        Project management essentials

·        Health and safety – the basics

·        Introduction to Risk Assessments

·        Using different communication styles

·        Non-verbal communications

·        An introduction to BIM

·        The Art of Delegation and Empowerment

·        Creative Problem Solving

·        Effective Time Management

·        Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The following modules must be delivered and assessed by the employer based on templates produced by ceda:

·        Company structure including job responsibilities and levels of authority

·        Reading and understanding drawings – Employer

Once all the modules have been completed and evidence received, ceda check and verify the application and issue a ‘certificate of satisfactory completion of an industry training standard,’ which will be accepted by JIB-PMES for the application for a CSCS manager’s card.

Rod concludes, “Many of the modules are set at a beginners standard and others are more advanced. Together they make up a broad range of topics and level of detail that I feel is more than adequate for managers in our industry. Those familiar with online training courses will be well versed in the format; it’s easy and straightforward to follow and complete. I fully recommend all project managers sign up to the ceda standard to ensure their CSCS Card application is successful.”

Members can find out more about the Catering Equipment Project Coordinator training standard via the ceda E-Learning platform. Those outside of the membership can contact Peter Kay for more details. Please email