Combi ovens are the versatile heartbeat of a modern kitchen, offering a range of features which are beneficial to all kinds of restaurants. In a bid to help chefs and distributors navigate the wide array of options and make the right purchasing decision, Electrolux Professional has launched a new, definitive combi ovens buyer’s guide.

The guide covers why a combi oven is such a powerful weapon in a chef’s armoury, and touches on some of the most commonly underused features. It also outlines how to pick the right model, and provides information on how to accurately size it.

Highlighting the latest technological advancements, such as 24/7 collection of data and pre-programmable cooking modes, the guide also covers emerging features available on modern combi ovens.

Stuart Flint, Training and Demonstration Manager at Electrolux Professional, comments: “The versatility of a combi oven means there are a huge range of features to consider, which can be daunting for chefs. That’s why we produced this guide, in order to simplify the process, and create a step-by-step approach to making the right decision.

“We want to ensure chefs are asking themselves the right questions, which is why we have included a section outlining everything that they should be thinking about. From size, to technology, to ergonomics, the guide covers the key considerations in finding the right oven for the job.”

Featuring a section on maintenance and energy efficiency, the guide also explores what operators can do to maximise the potential of their equipment. It covers the importance of choosing an oven which incorporates sustainable technology, such as self-cleaning functions, and notes the energy saving potential of the latest models. The false economy of making a cheap, up-front purchase is addressed, highlighting the long-term running costs associated with less sophisticated models.

Stuart concludes: “Given the important place that combi ovens occupy in nearly every kitchen, from Michelin-starred restaurants through to school canteens, it is crucial that chefs are helped to make the right choice.

“Electrolux Professional’s definitive buyer’s guide covers everything that a chef needs to consider in making this type of purchase, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to make the most of their kitchen.”

The guide follows the launch of Electrolux Professional’s newest combi oven, the SkyLine series. The range is the culmination of 40 years’ experience in commercial catering equipment R&D, and combines innovative technology with human-centred design. Features such as OptiFlow, SkyClean, and 24/7 connectivity and data monitoring through Electrolux’s OnE Flow, highlight the potential of modern combi ovens.

To view Electrolux Professional’s definitive combi ovens buyer’s guide, please visit https://professional.electrolux.co.uk/combi-buyers-guide/