Déli-cut, the revolution for your kitchen

Elevate your cooking with the most universal, practical, and versatile cut for the chef.

At Sammic, we are committed to enhancing your kitchen processes. That’s why we present the Déli-cut, the perfect ally for chefs seeking a dynamic, versatile, and functional cut. This innovative 4x4x8 mm Brunoise-style cut is especially practical for cooking, sautéing, dressing salads and recipes, cooking fillings, and much more. And the best part? No special machine needed! Simply by combining a julienne disc and a dicing grid, you can achieve this cut with your Sammic vegetable preparation machine​.

Versatility in your kitchen

Are you going to cook tacos, pintxos, soups, fillings, salads, stir-fries, etc.? With this 4x4x8 mm brunoise type cut, your options are unlimited. Déli-Cut is, par excellence, the most versatile cut on the market, allowing its use in 90% of culinary preparations.

Déli-Cut: a cut for all Sammic vegetable preparation machines

The best aspect of our Déli-Cut is that you don’t need additional machines. With just an FCE/FCES disc and an FMC/FMS grid, available in both the Compact and Heavy Duty lines, you can achieve this universal cut, adding consistency and quality to every dish you create.

Déli-cut Compact line

– FCES-4x4G julienne disc
– FMS-8 dicing grid

Déli-cut Heavy duty line

– FCE-4x4G julienne disc
– FMC-8D dicing grid