Crem develops state-of-the-art fully automatic coffee machine with SmartFoam™ technology

Global catering equipment supplier, Welbilt, has once again led the way with pioneering product development by launching Crem’s state-of-the-art fully-automatic coffee machine range with world-class automatic fresh milk foaming technology, the “Unity 1+”:

Uniting filter- and espresso brewing capabilities with a world-class fresh milk foaming system, the intuitive Crem Unity 1+ is truly one of a kind, allowing operators to create consistently amazing barista-quality coffees, which can be tailored to the individual preferences of customers, by the touch of a high definition screen.

Speaking of this highly anticipated launch, Anders Bäckström, Field Marketing Manager for Crem UK & Ireland:

“Crem are thrilled to announce the launch of Unity 1+ – a state-of-the-art fully automatic coffee machine which has specifically been designed to ease barista duties and enhance drinks quality, in every way imaginable. From ensuring optimised water temperatures for teas through to Unity’s one-touch cleaning function and thermos brewing capabilities, this pioneering unit truly ticks all the boxes.

Undoubtedly though, out of a long list of amazing features that the Unity 1+ boasts, the single most desirable feature that truly breaks waves within the hot beverage market is Crem’s automatic fresh milk foaming system – SmartFoam™. This unique system automatically delivers a variety of different milk textures including flat, wet and dry, thus allowing operators to offer an extensive variety of milk-based drinks with ease. As well as this, Unity 1+’s SmartFoam technology allows operators to consistently achieve optimal milk taste, textures and temperatures.”

In addition to being able to automatically heat milk, operators can also keep their fresh milk cool thanks to Unity 1+’s ultra-convenient, built-in refrigerated container with adjustable temperature and holds up to 4 litres of fresh milk. The SmartFoam system also boast an advanced one-touch cleaning technology to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and functionality.

The inclusion of smart iECO technology is also sure to impress sustainably conscious operators by helping them to save energy whilst Unity 1+’s various design-led features satisfy the gaze of both customers and staff. For further visual appeal, the Unity 1+ also boasts a super sleek silver and black exterior, attractive door lights and a discreet separate hot water outlet.

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