ceda is pleased to announce the launch of its latest initiative, cedaAssist, which aims to promote collaboration between Member companies to the benefit of their customers.

cedaAssist is a cooperative arrangement, where a number of ceda Members (cedaAssist Providers) have undertaken to carry out service, repair and installation work for customers on behalf of another Member (a cedaAssist Principal). Any Member can be a cedaAssist Principal.

Peter Kay, ceda’s Technical Support Advisor, commented, “Even though all ceda members have service and installation cover for their main areas of business, there are sometimes occasions when they need help and cedaAssist is designed to provide this. By using a cedaAssist Provider they know that they will be represented by qualified engineers who will look after their interests in the same way as their own engineers.”

So far, 26 Member companies have signed up for the initiative, meaning that services of every kind can be carried out in every region of the UK. It is hoped that as many Members as possible become involved in the initiative, to ensure that the highest standards are upheld and that customers receive the best possible service and choice.

cedaAssist will be overseen by the ceda Technical Steering Group, who set the conditions of participation.