ceda welcomes new Board Director

We’re pleased to announce a new appointment to the ceda Board.

On the 21st February 2023, Ryan Yeates of Advance Group, was duly ratified by the ceda Board and is now a ceda Director.

Commenting on Ryan’s appointment, ceda Chair, Kirstin Hatherley said, “I am sure that Ryan will be a great asset to ceda, the Board, its members and to the wider industry.  Welcome on-board Ryan!”

Ryan himself is delighted with his new role and is keen to get started. He said, “It’s a really proud moment for me to be asked to join the ceda Board. It was evident that the Board shared a clear passion to make the industry we operate in the very best it can be. Personally, I am looking forward to being able to contribute in any way I can to help their vision. I am extremely passionate about bringing the next generation into our industry and I am hoping to be able add some value in this specific area.”

Ryan joined the industry four years ago after leaving senior positions in corporate PLC life in a number of different sectors. He explains the reasons behind the change of sector, “For me the catering equipment industry shared a real drive for customer experience and resonated with my own views. There is so much creativity and passion that goes into everything and I LOVE that. Whether you are an engineer, designer, administrator, everyone shares that flare.”

He was appointed group Managing Director of Advance Group in November 2021, and is excited to lead the business through the uncertainty of the next few years. Ryan adds, “It is clear the industry is still being impacted by a number of factors, especially the economy. Now more than ever industry leaders should come together to share best practice and ideas of what we can do to navigate through current and emerging challenges.”

We’re delighted to have Ryan as part of the Board!