ceda open meeting to establish service engineer training needs in Scotland

ceda is constantly looking for ways to raise standards within our industry. We are currently planning to improve the provision of training for engineers in Scotland.

Following the pandemic, the industry has lost a substantial number of experienced engineers throughout the UK and this has increased the need for recruiting and developing new engineers. ceda has developed a funded apprenticeship in England, however, due to the devolved nature of education and training, it has not been possible for Scottish companies to benefit from this development.

ceda members in Scotland have bemoaned the lack of cost-effective training for service engineers in Scotland, including apprenticeships, when compared to England. and therefore, ceda is planning an online Zoom meeting which is open to all service companies in Scotland, irrespective of whether they are ceda members or not.

The meeting is planned for 10.30am on Wednesday 7th December and the objective is to discuss employers’ needs for engineer training and to identify ways in which ceda may be able to help organise the provision of suitable cost-effective courses.

If you or a colleague would like to be invited to the meeting please email Peter Kay, ceda Technical Support Advisor, at peterkay@ceda.co.uk.