ceda Engineers Salary Survey Results

ceda has issued the results of its December 2022 Catering Equipment Engineer Salary Survey – the seventh annual survey that the Association has conducted.

The results cover eight categories of engineer ranging from Trainee/Apprentice to Service Engineer (Gas, Electrical and Refrigeration) and displays Lowest, Average and Highest salaries across all categories, with a further differentiator for inside or outside the M25.

Nearly 30 Members took part in the survey, collectively employing over 300 engineers, which makes it the largest independent salary survey in the industry.

ceda’s Technical Support Advisor, Peter Kay, commented; “In addition to the current state of play, the fact that we now have seven years’ worth of data and information means that Members are able to see trends over that timeframe and so the survey results become more valuable every year.”

This year, ceda will conduct its first Project Manager salary survey to provide Members with even more knowledge, information and data which they can use to benchmark their position and stay ahead of the curve.

Adam Mason, ceda Director General, confirmed; “This type of management information, along with our call-out rates survey, is critical for better understanding the market and to aid business planning.

“Developing these types of data surveys is a key area for ceda in the coming months and will allow Members even greater opportunity to be beyond the best of the industry.

“Only those who submit their data receive the results and so the privileged nature of it is a significant commercial, competitive advantage.”

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