Blue Seal Salamander Grills / Rise & Fall Grills

Blue Seal supply an electric rapid heat up rise & fall grill QSET60 & QSE60, which is used mainly in conjunction with island suites for flash heating and cheese melting etc. or for accelerated cooking in cafés & small restaurants.

This unit comes in handy when there is no room under a gas canopy for a traditional gas salamander due to other equipment prioritising the menu requirement, but a fast performance salamander is needed for specific minimal purpose.

These highly fuel and time efficient, compact 600mm wide, rapid heat units are extremely versatile lending themselves perfectly for “au gratin” cooking as well as keeping food warm. They can be positioned conveniently on the end of an island run or on a wall bracket above a work top.  All Blue Seal Grills & salamanders, can be wall mounted or bench mounted for ease of application.

Considerations when buying these units would be menu requirements dictating the food volumes going through the relevant appliances. Whether they are looking for power savings/efficiency/heat on demand or continuous heat through the service.

Kitchen space, power requirements on site may determine what type of unit is required or where it needs to be positioned in the kitchen to appease chef’s requirements and flow of kitchen.

Blue Seal has also recently relaunched the Cobra product range with a new look CS9 gas salamander grill. The grill uses high efficiency infra-red burners and is fully modular in its aesthetic, within the New Cobra Range.

Salamander requirements are obviously concept determined, with less dependence on them with the rise in use of chargrills, griddles & solid fuel grill’s, over the last 10 years. Steak specific restaurants dropped in popularity a number of years back and are now coming back in trend, such as Gaucho’s / Miller & Carter etc. However the development of rapid heat up rise and fall grills in conjunction with other protein cooking appliances continues to limit the sale on traditional gas / electric salamander grills in larger concepts and chain restaurants. There will probably always be a requirement for the traditional salamander units, especially in smaller independent restaurants / pubs and cafés, and Blue Seal will always accommodate this within its product range.

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