Adande introduces guide to understanding refrigeration energy labelling

Adande Refrigeration produces an informative guide in support of the aims of the Zero Carbon Forum, helping hospitality operators understand energy labelling for commercial refrigeration and supporting the drive towards carbon net zero.

Adande Refrigeration today introduces an easy-to-use guide for operators to help them understand energy labelling with regards to refrigeration. Refrigeration runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in most cases, and is a high energy user in a kitchen.

The guide, which supports hospitality’s drive to carbon net zero, and in particular the work of the Zero Carbon Forum, explains clearly what the symbols on the energy label mean and how they can be interpreted to give value to hospitality brands.

The guide, which is available here has already met with favourable response from hospitality outlets, as brands continue to strive for increased efficiency and sustainability.

Adande, who are known for their efficient refrigeration, famously developed the ‘hold-the-cold’ technology, which stops cold air spillage otherwise common in traditional refrigeration. Adande drawers need less energy to run, in part because the insulated containers keeps the cold air with the food. The stable temperature and humidity reduces food waste by keeping food fresher for longer.

Speaking of the guide, CEO Nigel Bell said “Adande as an organisation seeks to deliver the most value in a sustainable way. With COP26 goals firmly established with a view to reversing the damage of climate change, we wanted to give a helping hand to operators as they strive to become more efficient, reduce waste and use less energy. This guide will help hospitality outlets when it comes to purchasing new equipment; the energy label is a great tool to have when making those decisions.”