Dear CEDA Members,

First of all let me thank you all for your continued Support of Boss Contract Furniture Ltd. With you we have secured and supplied many fantastic projects this year with furniture. That is either standard or bespoke. Not all of you know but some of the bespoke furniture we manufactured has included reception counters, fully enclosed meeting booths / huts, mobile sofa units and oak slatted wall and counter claddings. We have also manufactured special cubed partition units with planters, artificial plants and shelves included.

Whether you are involved, or would like to get involved, in the supply of furniture please remember that we, Boss Contract Furniture Ltd, are a CEDA Silver Partner and can be with you every step of the way. We have supplied CEDA, CEDABOND and ENSE Members for many years, and our growth and focus has, and always will be through the membership.

Please think of how we can help you and give Jon a call on 07834 456812. Please let your sales people know that I am here for them.

We look forward to help you with your next project and wish you all, early as it is, a Very Happy Festive Period!