A Bold, Branded and Brilliant New Look For Welbilt UK’s Kitchen

ceda Platinum Partner Welbilt UK is excited to unveil a bold, branded and brilliant new fit kitchen lite for their Guildford office.

Championing the Welbilt brand whole-heartedly with striking red and black colors, Welbilt UK’s new fit kitchen lite is home to an array of Welbilt branded appliances including a Convotherm Mini Black, Merrychef e2s, beverage system solutions as well as the newly launched Crem Unity coffee machine. These appliances have been installed so that both Welbilt employees and visitors can take full advantage of Welbilt equipment throughout the working day, whether it’s cooking a quick lunch time meal, making the perfect cup of coffee, or creating a delicious snack. The kitchen also demonstrates the connectivity of the equipment through KitchenConnect.

By allowing employees to operate Welbilt appliances on a day-to-day basis, they will also be able to experience the benefits and capabilities of each individual appliance first-hand, thus allowing employees to gain broader understanding on each unit which will inevitably allow them to discuss and pitch each product even more accurately and passionately, as Steve Hemsil, Sales Director – UK & Ireland, Welbilt, explains:.

“At Welbilt, we often talk about how seeing a product in situ is the best way for an operator or caterer to extol the benefits of one of our products. Reflecting on this claim, we began to wonder: why can’t the same principle apply for our employees? The answer is, it can!

By investing in this this state-of-the-art fit kitchen, we hope employees will gain a stronger infinity to the brand, appreciating the benefits that Welbilt appliances not only bring to customers, but also to them when they cook and create drinks during working hours.”

Welbilt UK’s fit kitchen lite was designed in partnership with Devapo, an innovative company that passionately completes fitting solutions for food establishments.

For further information on Welbilt, please visit www.welbilt.uk or call 01483 464900.

For further information on Devapo, please visit http://devapo.com/