What We Do

CEDA are committed to representing the interests of our members and providing a package of services that will add real value to your business. We are raising standards across the Industry in the UK and have a positive impact on all aspects of members’ businesses focusing on:

CEDA represents the most professional catering equipment distributors in the UK. More than 100 companies offer local and national support to all types of commercial catering and foodservice establishments, and with a combined turnover in excess of £450m CEDA represents 50% of all catering equipment sold in the UK.

Some of the many services that you will find our members offer includes:

Catering Equipment

Get everything you need to run a successful catering business with CEDA. Whether you run a pub, restaurant, hotel or catering company, our members supply a huge range of catering equipment and accessories to ensure that your catering business runs smoothly. From glassware to dishwashers, chefs uniforms to crockery, we can provide you with all the essential catering supplies. CEDA aims to bring you only the best quality catering equipment from highly respected names in catering. Our members can provide a diverse range of uniforms from professional looking chefs trousers, jackets and shoes that are functional smart and safe. CEDA can also provide perfectly cooked dishes with fine dining crockery or for your everyday crockery needs. We can also supply barware such as cocktail shakers, measures and wine coolers. CEDA can supply all of your catering equipment needs, apply to be a member today or simply contact us if you have any queries.

If you are a professional Catering Equipment Distribution company then you can apply to join CEDA today, please click here.