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H2O Direct are experts in water filtration products for the Coffee, Vending, Catering and Water cooler industries. They specialise in a wide range of water filters and fittings for use on Coffee and Vending machines, Hot water boilers, water coolers and Combi and Steam ovens.

H2O Direct operates with a head office in the UK, Europe main office in the Netherlands and distribution hubs in Germany and more recently Spain. The filters are manufactured in South Korea by their partners Microfilter and as part of their OEM portfolio, the companies’ combined, supply world leaders in vending and catering machinery suppliers including Samsung, Burco, Lincat and Bosch.

Thanks to the location of the satellite offices with dedicated country managers, the very best in water filtration supplies are delivered quickly and reliably which enables customers to get on with their day-to-day business.

VH-IEN, variable bypass scale reduction filters enable users to have flexibility and choose the level of bypass which ranges from 0-70% and are ideal for professional kitchens. These filters contain a pH stabiliser and is a complete 7 stage filtration system. The technology within these filters reduce scale build up and prevent unpleasant tastes with an easy change auto water shut off facility, whilst protecting your machinery against costly break downs.

When ultra-filtration is needed, the FX range is ideal for eliminating bacteria and/or microplastics in drinking water. The FX15S has been specifically designed for use on ice making machinery and in food preparation.

H2O Direct website enables customers to be kept aware of the latest products, information in the catering and vending industries plus ordering products through the online shop. H2O Direct is a member of FEA, ceda, AVA, AVS, NIVO, WE and BSA.

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