Commercial Catering Products Ltd

Commercial Catering Products is a specialist manufacturer’s sales agent in the commercial foodservice equipment industry. We are the sole UK importer and distributor for Spanish cooking equipment manufacturer MyChef.

In Partnership with MyChef, CCP provides a complete package of sales, service, chef support and total after sales care, including accessories and spares, with a UK stock holding.
The MyChef product range incorporates a full range of combination ovens (including slimline) bakery and convection ovens, along with high speed ovens and vacuum packing machines. The MyChef product range comes with a two year parts and labour warranty.

CCP also represents ScrapDrain Bio, an American manufacturer of FOG solutions (fats, oils, greases).

ScrapDrain Bio gives two solutions to waste, firstly by stopping any suspended solids going down the drain as well as preventing the buildup of FOG within the waste pipe system.

ScrapDrain is fitted directly beneath the sink. The Bio Puck sits within the basket below the sink and creates Bio Enzymes within the drain system preventing the build up of FOG.

ScrapDrain Bio is specified within Tim Hortons, Starbucks, in the US and many more global operating groups, becoming widely acceptable as the alternative option to other Bio Enzyme solutions, but at a fraction of the cost.

CCP Ltd also promote American-based Duke Manufacturing and their class-leading hot-holding units into the UK.

commercial catering products
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You can download the ScrapDrain spec sheet by clicking here