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As is the case with the great chefs who place their trust in us, excellence has always been at the core of Charvet’s success. Modular or bespoke, gas, electric and induction, we have a model to suit the pressing demands of large and small kitchens alike

Chefs Love Charvet!

Charvet One – Value

ONE series is made for modern fast turnover ‘quick service restaurants,’ for caterers that need a short term investment return, but who still require powerful, robust and reliable equipment that caters for a wide menu choice.

PRO 700 – Compact but thinks big

Ideal for busy kitchens where space is at a premium.

Delivering innovation and performance, the PRO 700 range impresses at first sight with its reduced dimensions. In compliance with all the standards required of Charvet equipment, the PRO 700 range is the genuine essence of our expertise: high performance, stainless steel throughout, worktops of 20/10 grade thickness and precision-engineering in our factory.

PRO 800 – Tradition, efficiency, flexible

Particularly appreciated by small and medium sized organisations, the PRO 800 range offers a wide variety of solutions. Flexible and evolving, it is available in gas or electric options. Its different modules can be combined to enable you to create the cooking range that suits you: open burners, solid tops, griddles, ceramic hobs, ovens, boiling pans, bratt pans, fryers, bains-marie, induction…

PRO 900 – High capacity

Ideal for large-scale cooking (large institutions, work or office canteens…), its users attest to its trouble-free efficiency and excellent modularity. The range particularly stands out for the large capacity of its boiling pans (200 lt) and of its bratt pans (up to 120 lt).

PRO 1000 – Power

The true high performer in horizontal cooking, this range is ideal for managing large quantities. It offers remarkable capabilities: up to 260 lt in its boiling pans and up to 80 lt in its bratt pans. Fully attuned to the rhythms of sustained food preparation, it is the only range featuring powerful 15kW open burners.

Some units can be equipped with optional technical features such as a presence detector on the heat-radiating rings and bains-marie auto-filling.

Striking the perfect balance between power, capacity and safety, its transfer fryers embody the excellence of the range. Their two pans can produce up to 180 kilos of chips per hour, offering simpler handling and improved safety.

Salamander – Rise and Fall

A heavy-duty salamander built to Charvet exacting standards, this salamander is versatile, powerful and robust.

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