Latest News from ceda Silver Partner Falcon Foodservice Equipment regarding their "Connected Kitchen."

Falcon’s Connected Kitchen: Delivering a step change in HACCP, Energy and Kitchen Monitoring

Falcon’s universal system allows operators to connect and monitor every appliance via one platform.

One of the key benefits of the Falcon Connected Kitchen is the ability to continually monitor what’s going on in the kitchen with minimum fuss – allowing the kitchen brigade to get on with preparing and cooking top quality food.  For example, there is no need to manually record HACCP data – the system’s intelligent sensors take constant readings and make them available for viewing at any time.  Information is stored securely and can be archived for access at any time.

Unlike conventional connected systems, operators can connect any appliance to The Falcon Connected Kitchen and they all share the same platform and dashboard.  The Falcon Connected Kitchen monitors temperature and operation, sends alarms and reminders, collects data including energy use and as mentioned HACCP, and it can be monitored remotely.  And it’s not limited to Falcon manufactured equipment – it’s a universal system that can be fitted to appliances from any manufacturer.

“This is a step change for kitchens,” says Lawrence Hughes, sales and marketing director of Falcon. “Connectivity is the future – what operators don’t want is to be having to use different platforms, one for each manufacturer. Operators need a single platform where they can monitor all their appliances. And that’s what The Falcon Connected Kitchen delivers.”

“We believe that The Falcon Connected Kitchen is the first genuine connected kitchen solution, since it allows any product or device in the kitchen to be connected to a single platform, viewable on any PC or mobile device,” says Hughes. “For example, in our development kitchen we’ve used the system to simultaneously monitor a Williams blast chiller and fridge, a dishwasher, a Lainox combination oven, plus Falcon prime cooking appliances and the kitchen’s power supply.”

The Falcon Connected Kitchen can save users running costs, not only by warning of any problems, and thus minimising downtime and food wastage, but also by monitoring energy efficiency.  “A great example of that is the user can get an alert whenever a piece of equipment is switched on – maybe once and for all putting an end to the age-old habit of switching all the kitchen appliances on first thing in the morning whether they are required or not,” says Hughes.

The Falcon Connected Kitchen has been developed in conjunction with connected kitchen specialist Koolzone, whose managing director Steve Miller says, “Kudos to Falcon for taking this ‘open platform’ approach to the connected kitchen.   By allowing operators to connect any brand of appliance to the system, they are making connectivity much more accessible, cost-effective and efficient.”

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens. With a company history going back over 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe.  Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support.  Visit for more information.