ceda Partner Electrolux Professional helps BicologIC Technologies implement high-throughput heat inactivation of patient samples at Cambridge Lighthouse Laboratory

ceda Partner Electrolux Professional helps BicologIC Technologies implement high-throughput heat inactivation of patient samples at Cambridge Lighthouse Laboratory

BiologIC Technologies, a pioneer in Industry 4.0 technologies for the bio-revolution, has collaborated with AstraZeneca and Electrolux Professional to implement a high-throughput solution for heat inactivation of patient samples at the Cambridge Lighthouse Laboratory. This solution renders the virus non-infectious, enhancing the safety, sustainability and scalability of the testing process.

The Cambridge Lighthouse Laboratory, established by AstraZeneca, the University of Cambridge and GlaxoSmithKline, and subsequently partnering with Charles River Laboratories, was part of NHS Test and Trace’s network of Lighthouse laboratories which provides population-wide diagnostic testing.

BiologIC, AstraZeneca and Electrolux Professional combined bioscience and thermal expertise to rapidly implement an innovative, production-ready heat inactivation solution in this safety-critical process. Rigorous validation demonstrated inactivation of the COVID-19 virus whilst maintaining the accuracy of diagnostic testing. The parties have now successfully implemented this solution, using Skyline Ovens from Electrolux Professional.

Richard Vellacott, CEO of BiologIC Technologies states:

“Combined with vaccines, diagnostic testing will be critical to re-mobilising our local, national and international communities, particularly as new strains of COVID-19 continue to evolve. We were pleased to identify, validate and support implementation of this solution to greatly enhance the safety, cost-effectiveness and scalability of COVID-19 diagnostic testing.”

Steve Rees, VP Discovery Biology, R&D, AstraZeneca comments:

“Our collaborative innovative solution enables virus inactivation upon receipt at the laboratory allowing work on the open bench, which simplifies the workflow, reduces the risk of employee exposure to live virus, and facilitates future innovations around automation of the sample unpackaging process.”

Alberto Zanata, CEO of Electrolux Professional concludes:

“With the advanced technology of the SkyLine combi oven, we support yet another milestone in fighting the pandemic that is affecting people and businesses around the world. We are very proud to play a role in safeguarding the process of handling the COVID-19 samples, to protect all people involved in testing.”

ceda Partner reopens its Centre of Excellence

ceda Partner reopens its Centre of Excellence

Electrolux Professional has reopened its Centre of Excellence in Luton, incorporating a number of measures to ensure customers can take advantage of the space in a COVID secure way.

A one-way system has been integrated to ensure that social distancing is possible throughout the site, with both visitors and staff required to wear face coverings at all times. Crucially, the Centre has been certified as COVID-safe by KeyOstas, allowing the experience to remain both constructive and safe for all.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own items to the Centre for demonstrations across both food and laundry. Hand sanitiser stations are also available at regular intervals to ensure interactions remain as hygienic as they are informative.

The Centre has received a significant upgrade over the last 24 months, including major updates to the training and demonstration facility in order to support Electrolux Professional’s position as the OnE global business partner for food, beverage and laundry. Having first opened its doors in 2013, the Centre has regularly hosted dealer and end-user focused events, dedicated to providing all stakeholders with hands-on training and practical demonstrations.

Darren Lockley, Head of Region UK and Ireland at Electrolux Professional, comments:

“The Centre of Excellence has always played a significant role in highlighting the capabilities of our products to potential customers, as well as providing ongoing support and training to existing ones. This is something that has taken on even greater importance this year, with the challenges facing a number of our core sectors, including hospitality, healthcare and education, meaning operators are eager to get the absolute most out of their equipment.

These events – which can be undertaken in line with government social distancing guidelines – are curated by our very own training and development mangers in food, beverage and laundry, who are able to demonstrate the products’ capabilities by combining professional expertise with a detailed understanding of how the appliances work.”

Electrolux Professional’s entire product portfolio range is on display at the Centre of Excellence, exhibiting the complete solution that it can offer to customers. Featuring a new espresso bar, fully working kitchen and commercial laundry complete with a variety of appliances from each product category, as well as meeting and conferencing facilities, the Centre is designed to showcase and simulate genuine operating conditions.

Electrolux Professional’s Libero Point, a portable cooking unit, will also be available to view on site. The Libero Line offers unrivalled flexibility in its applications, able to be deployed both indoors or outside with a range of tabletop appliances to choose from, including fry tops, woks, induction cooking tops and combi ovens. Such technology will be instrumental in ensuring that customers are able to receive the same high-quality meals they would expect indoors even as venues reopen as exclusively outside service.

Darren concludes:

“Electrolux Professional’s investment in its Centre of Excellence highlights its ability to both test and demonstrate foodservice, beverage and laundry equipment. This helps to instil confidence in our customers, allowing for a truly unique hands-on experience.”

For more information and to book a visit to the Centre of Excellence, please visit: www.electroluxprofessional.com/gb/center-of-excellence/

Mechline offers free guides to help operators bounce back

Mechline offers free guides to help operators bounce back

As the hospitality industry looks ahead to the lifting of lockdown restrictions, ceda Partner Mechline Developments has released two free guides containing a wealth of practical advice to help operators bounce back and generate sales opportunities for dealers. The guides offer six steps to help increase restaurant covers and footfall, plus a comparison of air sterilisers and air purifiers so operators can choose the best solution to keep their customers and staff safe.

Commenting on the launch of the guides, Kristian Roberts, Marketing Manager at Mechline said:

“After three lockdowns hospitality operators will understandably be eager to finally welcome back diners so they can start rebuilding their businesses. However a recent study has shown that 53% of consumers are not confident or unsure about visiting restaurants, pubs and hotels when they reopen – so operators face a challenge to reassure returning diners that hygiene measures are in place to protect them.

“As a specialist manufacturer of innovative hygiene focused equipment for the foodservice and hospitality industry we are keen to support operators with the insights, advice and strategy shared in these free guides. In turn, we hope our dealer partners will benefit from sales enquiries as operators look to install advanced technologies like HyGenikx to make their premises as safe as possible ready for reopening.”

Mechline’s guide to increasing covers and footfall includes six strategic steps encompassing: Providing a customer loyalty scheme; Building customer confidence with improved service and experience; Marketing to target local customers; How to leverage the potential of social media; Reducing ‘no shows’ and how to change and adapt your offering with the seasons. Insights shared in the guide include how loyal customers tend to spend 36% more and that 67% of customers would stay longer and spend more money if they enjoy your customer service.

One of the biggest challenges operators face in the year ahead will be customer confidence. Patrons will want to relax, safe in the knowledge that the hospitality business has taken all the necessary precautions to protect them from infection. With this in mind the second Mechline guide explains the differences between air purifiers and air sanitiser/sterilisers, examining how the various technologies work and their respective benefits so operators can make informed decisions about the best solution to protect and reassure customers and staff.

The free guides can be downloaded at:

ceda Partner First Choice Announces The Reopening of its Training Courses

ceda Partner First Choice Announces The Reopening of its Training Courses

We are delighted to announce that from Monday March 1st, following the Government’s latest announcements, First Choice Group Training centre is reopening its doors for technicians’ courses, our OEM manufacturer partners training and demonstrations.

The First Choice Training team are working hard to ensure that we are able to accommodate as many attendees as possible while maintaining enhanced safety standards during the pandemic

To ensure qualifications are up to date upon returning to work, technicians are allowed to book and attend courses & assessments while furloughed and up to 6-months before their ACS Gas accreditation expires.

Martin Dagnall, Head of the First Choice Training Division comments:

“Reopening while ensuring the safety of our team and customers was the number one priority.

First Choice has introduced a number of safety and hygiene measures since the start of the pandemic to ensure that the supply of crucial equipment parts could continue in support of the healthcare sector. We’ve built on top of those measures to enable technicians to come into the building safely for ACS assessments.

Safety screens, hand sanitiser stations and social distancing signage are just some of the measures that are now regular features at First Choice HQ. Additionally, having ample space in our training centre means that we can ensure social distancing is comfortably maintained during ALL assessments and training sessions.”

As the pandemic continues online meetings, conferences and training sessions have become more and more prevalent in our industry.

Martin and the team are in the process of developing bespoke digital solutions that may enable online training seminars in the future; particularly for our Managed Learning Programme for New Gas Engineers (MLP). This is another way in which First Choice seeks to innovate and provide solutions to the current challenges faced by our industry.

First Choice Group Training is the only assessment centre in the UK that is dedicated purely to commercial catering equipment. That familiarity with the assessment equipment means that technicians can complete their assessments far quicker than at a domestic centre. Our range of assessments cover the following classifications:

  • CCCN1– Core Commercial Catering Gas Safety
  • COMCAT1– Open Burner Equipment
  • COMCAT3– Deep Fat & Pressure Fryers
  • COMCAT5– Forced Draught Burner Appliances
  • CONGLP1– Various LPG Classifications

More information on assessments and booking is available on our ACS Assessments page. Members of the FEA and ceda receive a 20% discount on all bookings.

First Choice Training is also beginning to offer some of our other training courses, and we will be publishing more details on these soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns relating to training and assessment needs, please contact our Training Team who will be happy to help.

Contact Information

Call: 01543 460 385
Email: acs@firstchoice-cs.co.uk

We are delighted to be able to be welcoming customers & suppliers back to the First Choice Training centre. With the safety of All attendees our number priority.

Please subscribe to the First-Choice social media channels for more updates on specific catering courses, future OEM manufacturer and specific industry associations events being held at our Training centre and online.

Stay safe. Together will beat this.

Rational Leasing option screenshot

ceda Platinum Partner Rational launches intelligent leasing scheme for foodservice operators

ceda Platinum Partner Rational launches intelligent leasing scheme for foodservice operators

Rational offers foodservice operators an iCombi Pro from just £5 a day – and an iVario from £8 per day

Rational has launched a leasing scheme making it easier than ever for operators to get an iCombi Pro or an iVario, with costs from as little as £5 per day.  The scheme is designed to be as flexible as possible, to allow for different budgets, cash flows and aspirations.

The Rational Leasing Scheme is operated in partnership with the CF Capital PLC (CF), one of the UK’s largest sales aid leasing and financial services organisations. CF has excellent customer service, offering high acceptance levels and competitive rates.   

Customers who are interested in finding out about leasing a Rational cooking system can do so via the Rational nationwide dealer network.  Rational and CF have created an online portal where dealers can create bespoke customer leasing packages, including a quotation calculator, instantly.

Simon Lohse, managing director of Rational UK says:

“The Covid-19 crisis has led many foodservice businesses to look hard at their budgeting, “We felt a dedicated leasing scheme would be one way to support them in their growth.  We wanted to work with a leasing company that was not only accommodating of our customers’ circumstances, but that could also adapt schemes to suit specific purposes.  We didn’t just want an off-the-shelf package, we wanted a leasing scheme that is intelligently constructed to offer maximum flexibility and maximum benefits.  We believe the scheme CF Capital has created with us fits the bill perfectly.”

Rational is known for the quality of its products, and their longevity.

Lohse continues:

“A Rational iCombi or iVario multifunctional cooking system will give years of valuable and loyal service. “The scheme can run up to five years and then there is the option to buy.”

Costs for the iCombi Pro range from £5 per day, for the iCombi Pro XS, to £23 per day for the iCombi Pro 20-1/1, which is suitable for producing up to 500 meals per day.  The smallest iVario cooking system, the 2-XS, is £8 per day.  Meanwhile the iVario Pro XL, suitable for up to 500 meals daily, is £17 per day.

The scheme is also available for the iKitchen package, covering both an iCombi Pro and an iVario.  Examples include £20 per day for the iCombi Pro ten grid (10-1/1) combi steamer with the iVario Pro 2-S, which has two 25 litre pans.

Leah Wright, CF’s head of the commercial catering channel, says,

“We are really excited to be working with Rational.  We know that many foodservice operators aspire to own an iCombi Pro or an iVario.  CF has the range of financial products that will allow the maximum number of businesses to take advantage of the considerable benefits of leasing Rational appliances.”

To find out more about the Rational leasing scheme, email rational@thecfgroup.co.uk or call 01279 759359.   ceda members are advised to contact their own account manager for specific information.

Rational Leasing option screenshot

ceda and Cedabond become strategic partners to Autoquotes UK

ceda and Cedabond become strategic partners to Autoquotes UK

It has been announced that ceda and Cedabond are entering a formal strategic partnership with AutoQuotes (AQ) UK, following a month’s-long period of discussions and collective collaboration pieces, to further develop the foodservice market.

The new partnership is set to further strengthen the UK position and align with the strategy of AutoQuotes’ US model of working closely with FEDA.

All parties want to utilise this opportunity to further underpin their collective strategy of consolidation and growth as they try to navigate the impacts of Covid and support the sector as it enters 2021 and beyond.

The collaboration will see the new partners work closely to produce research reports and live market information, as well as create and share statistical analysis to help members and partners better understand the market and plan accordingly.  Industry insights will leverage anonymised, aggregated information and will keep with AQ’s dedication to protecting customer data.

Adam Mason, director general of ceda, stated that it was critically important for the association to be a part of the development of existing products and the creation of new software solutions for members, partners and the wider industry.

Both ceda and Cedabond will work closely with AQ to provide feedback on AQ’s product roadmap to continue developing technology to increase efficiency and accelerate sales for the foodservice equipment and services (FES) industry.

Mason said:

“ceda is delighted to enter into this formal, strategic partnership with AQ, as the vast majority of ceda members and partners are using AQ products already, we can therefore help drive greater awareness and knowledge to ensure that they are making the most out of the solutions available.

We very much look forward to this venture with AQ’s UK and US teams, to assist growth and innovation and continue to add value and support to the distribution network in the UK.”

Mark Kendall, commercial director at Cedabond, added:

“After lengthy talks and careful planning we are delighted to be working closely with the AQ UK team.

“Industry-wide AQ offers digital solutions that really bring the industry together and we’re here to support that further with ongoing innovation, strategic direction and support.”

David Demres, AQ VP of marketing and strategic development, commented:

“AQ is focused on fully supporting our customers, especially during this difficult period for the FES industry, and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with new partners who share the same objectives as we do.”

Demres said the partnership will also add further value to manufacturers and dealers looking to join in the New Year.

He added:

“This partnership, along with our recent acquisition of Axonom and our ongoing product roadmap, is strong evidence of incredible things to come in the UK FES market in 2021.

“Together with ceda and Cedabond, we will be able to serve even more of the market and provide comprehensive education on how customers can get the most out of our solutions.

“This is a time to be united for the betterment of the industry, and we are delighted to be doing this with our friends at ceda and Cedabond.”

MKN online seminars image

ceda Silver Partner MKN Offers Members New Online Seminars

ceda Silver Partner MKN Offers Members New Online Seminars.

What will your kitchen of tomorrow look like if it has to suit your needs perfectly? How do you use your kitchen equipment more effectively? How can you benefit from new innovative products? Many questions and finding the answers is not easy these days.

Are you interested in the MKN Cooking Experience Seminars but given the on-going Covid-19 restrictions, believe this cannot be possible to attend? No problem! The MKN application specialists now take you on a culinary journey around the entire world of professional thermal cooking technology digitally and live.  Simply tell them your preferred date and required topics and they will take care of the rest. MKN is thinking one step ahead while o­ffering new online seminars.  Their experts connect with you virtually in your own kitchen – giving personal consultations online and live. They have all the answers to your questions and help you implement your requirements.

For further information and to book an appointment please visit:


MKN online seminars image

ceda Platinum Partner Mechline helps operators build customer confidence during the pandemic

ceda Platinum Partner Mechline helps operators build customer confidence during the on-going Pandemic.

Ceda Platinum Partner Mechline Developments, manufacturer of HyGenikx air and surface sterilisers, has launched a Customer Confidence Campaign to support operators in getting customers safely back into venues.  All HyGenikx units now come supplied with a HyGenikx sticker, to show customers when a venue is going that extra mile to look after their safety and well-being.

Commenting on the new initiative, Kristian Roberts, Marketing Manager at Mechline said:

“The HyGenikx range has already proved very popular with restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels across the country who have supplemented their own rigorous manual cleaning regimes with the 24/7 protection HyGenikx offers against bacteria and viruses, in the air and on surfaces.

“As HyGenikx is wall-mounted, compact and works quietly, most customers don’t even notice it’s there, and therefore aren’t aware of the safety benefits it brings. The HyGenikx sticker can be displayed front of house–in windows, on doors, on walls or menus—to provide added reassurance to prospective diners that the venue is taking an important extra step to make its operation as safe as
possible. With the sticker displayed we hope it will help give customers the confidence to eat inside venues again, safe in the knowledge that advanced hygiene technology is installed there. The sticker also acts as a portal to more information, as it features a QR code that will take diners to a landing page explaining the benefits of HyGenikx.”

In the current climate the campaign acts as an important sales aid for distributors, providing them with a more complete package to offer operators. The customer confidence campaign works alongside HyGenikx to highlight to, and reassure, the public that a food service establishment takes their safety and well-being seriously.  The current survival of any operator is not only challenged with the physical fight against the spread of infection but also the psychological fight to instil confidence in diners to eat out.

It’s clear from the comments of wide variety of restaurateurs and operators that the protection HyGenikx offers is making a positive difference to their business:

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HyGenikx to other foodservice or hospitality businesses as it is the ideal complement to manual cleaning. It helps to protect customers and staff, extends the shelf life of fresh produce and provides additional reassurance so our industry can move forward with confidence and return to some kind of normal.”
Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL, Owner Café Spice Namaste

“Reopening after lockdown, we knew we had to adapt to a new normal, add in extra safety measures, and align with the changed mindset of customers. HyGenikx sounded like a great safeguarding solution to complement our increased cleaning procedures.   As it can work all day it is constantly killing airborne and surface viruses and bacteria.”

Sean Donkin, Managing Director at The Inn Collection Group

The technology within HyGenikx is proven to inactivate viruses, including coronaviruses, by using a unique combination of UVC, PCO and trace ozone to destroy these microorganisms. Studies have shown that this technology is effective against SARS-CoV, a virus from the same family as the current, COVID-19, coronavirus strain (SARS-CoV-2). It works by damaging the genetic material of viruses so that they can no longer function or reproduce, rendering them harmless. The HyGenikx technology has also been shown to significantly reduce the presence of MS-2 coliphage (a surrogate for Norovirus) both in the air and on surfaces. MS-2 is a non-enveloped virus that is more difficult to eradicate than lipid-enveloped coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV-2.

Together with regular handwashing, frequent cleaning, and social distancing, HyGenikx can help prevent the spread of harmful coronaviruses and reduce the risk of infection.  HyGenikx models start from as little as £289, require no training to use and no costly installation as they simply plug into a standard socket and consume very little energy, requiring only 9-13 watts.

The HyGenikx range has models to suit every application, from food preparation areas, cold rooms, and front of house, to washrooms, refuse areas and beyond.  For further information on HyGenikx please go to www.mechline.com/hgx

ceda Chair Derek Maher's Report for 2020

ceda Chair Derek Maher's Report for 2020

“It’s been 17 months since my last Chair’s Report. Had this been delivered, as originally scheduled, at Conference in Harrogate in April, I would have talked proudly about the wonderfully positive developments that ceda has made in the previous 12 months.
Initiatives such as:

  • The development and publishing of the Apprenticeship Standard for Commercial Catering Equipment Installation and Maintenance Technicians.
  • The launch of the Industry specific Health & Safety accreditation cedaSAFE
  • Playing a significant role in the review of BS6173
  • Providing technical support and guidance on over 120 Member queries
  • Seeing the development and growth of the ceda Academy
  • Launching ceda Learning, Education and Development
  • Providing Members with 34 free nights’ accommodation at HOST, Milan
  • Distributing over 70 support requests via the Members Helpdesk
  • Undertaking the first Industry Mental Health Awareness Survey
  • The creation and publishing of a further 12 technical guidance documents
  • Over 500 employees regularly using the ceda E-Learning Platform
  • The growth of social media and PR presence of the Association and its Members

Instead, it is with even greater pride that I write about the incredible response that our Association has delivered since March. For both you the membership and the wider Industry. This response includes the following:

  • ceda not only launched, but also funded an emergency HR Support Scheme that has seen over 40 Members receive one-to-one advice and guidance on matters relating to; the furlough scheme, short-time working, employees holiday entitlement and redundancies.
  • In addition, we have issued 9 HR Guidance and template letters directly relating to Covid-19.
  • ceda has produced 12 Technical Guidance documents, risk assessments and template letters directly relating to Coronavirus, including the ‘Minimising Risk from Covid-19 when opening a commercial kitchen’ document that has been so widely used throughout the Industry. Many of these were produced proactively, such as the template letter confirming our engineers as having Key Worker Status at the beginning of lockdown.
  •  The webinar programme that ceda put together was outstanding. Covering such a myriad of important topics and delivered professionally and efficiently. During lockdown, over 70 webinars were delivered; 13 x Health & Safety, 4 x HR, 28 equipment sales and technical training sessions, 18 Members Connected sessions, DW172, Fire Suppression, Mental Health, Effective Home Working – the list goes on.  But probably the most significant were the sessions delivered by Simon Stenning and Peter Martin which gave thought leadership, facts and data on the hospitality and food service market.  I know many of us were able to use the information from these presentations to talk to our customer base and help guide their decision-making. Overall, these 72 sessions had in excess of 1,000 participants.
  • ceda identified the need to build an even greater sense of community so that no Member felt isolated or unheard. Members Connected video calls ran twice a week for 10 weeks enabling Members to share thoughts, issues and challenges with other Members.  A private LinkedIn Group was set up for the additional dissemination of information. And the promotion of Industry WhatsApp groups and Zoom quizzes all helped to support people during these times.
  •  The flow of information from various sources was gratefully received too.  As Members, we were never in the dark on matters relating to the Industry, the pandemic or Government support.  ceda’s weekly updates turned into daily updates at the start of lockdown and at times the filtered information that we received allowed Members to see ‘the wood for the trees’, in what was an incredibly challenging time.
  •  But the representative power that ceda demonstrated meant that not only were we just a distributor of information, we were actively involved in the decision-making processes.
  • Through our membership of Build UK we helped to shape Government policy relating to the construction Industry. ceda were involved with the Hospitality Suppliers Alliance that delivered greater access to local Government grants and loans for Members, ceda too were involved in dialogue with; the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, HM Treasury, Department for Culture, Media & Sport and the Department for Education.  Pulling together other Industry bodies for maximum impact, ceda wrote on 5 separate occasions to the Chancellor, once to the Prime Minister, once to the Education Secretary and twice to the Business Secretary highlighting the plight of Members and the wider Industry. And of course, we as Members were able to use the various template letters that ceda produced to write to our own local MP’s individually.
  • And then in June, ceda launched cedaRetain. By providing a shop window for those that had had their positions made redundant and giving access to ceda’s webinars and e-learning platform, ceda offered hope, opportunity and support when it was needed most. I’m delighted to confirm that in the last few weeks individuals have found employment through this great initiative.

My 18 months of being Chair have been dominated firstly by Brexit and then by Covid-19.  Neither have provided particularly positive backdrops but as I said earlier, to have held this position during these challenging times gives me an enormous sense of pride.

The situation has been unprecedented and so has ceda’s response. We know we need to keep working hard for the Membership and the Industry to ensure that once all restrictions are lifted, ceda Members are best positioned to drive this Industry forward.

We will look back on 2020 having learnt so much about ourselves as people, our businesses, this Industry and our Association.

Every challenging time produces positives and ceda has been a leading, shining light.”