ceda Platinum Partner Hobart promises Fireworks in the first of a series of new inspirational Webinars

ceda Platinum Partner Hobart Promising Fireworks for First in Series of New Inspirational Webinars

Hobart Equipment Division is urging its UK sales partners to sign up for its new series of inspirational webinars, with the very first going live on Thursday 5th November at 11am.

The 45-minute webinars have been specially designed to enrich and not impinge on the working day of the manufacturers’ dealer and consultant partners. Each will be underpinned by a framework that first examines a specific industry challenge or issue, introducing a number of innovations that can meet these head-on, before culminating in an interactive Q&A session.

November’s webinar, hosted by Hobart Product Managers, John Stewart, and Chris Mansell takes the issue of diminishing kitchen space as its first topic.  Those looking to sign up can do so today at: https://bit.ly/3eg7niy

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Equipment Division comments:

“If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s the importance of innovative digital platforms like Zoom and Teams to both our personal and working lives. This new digital series takes our informal face to face training sessions – previously one of our most valuable customer resources – and repackages them into an enhanced, bite-sized product, perfect for reaching and inspiring our busy sales partners. Yet another step forward in Hobart’s digital revolution.”

Hobart’s sales partners are urged to sign up today. Simply visit www.hobartuk.com for more information.

ceda Associate Ramco's cost effective service to safely remove surplus catering equipment

ceda Associate Ramco offers a cost effective and time saving service to safely remove surplus catering equipment.

Surplus catering equipment, whether at a ceda members’ own or at any operators’ premise, can become a costly issue.  Fortunately, there is a cost effective and simple solution by utilising the services of one of our ceda Associate Ramco.

Ramco has kindly created this user-friendly marketing piece that explains their solution and how it can benefit members and operators alike.

Additional information can be found online or by contacting Ramco directly on the number provided.