ceda Partner reopens its Centre of Excellence

ceda Partner reopens its Centre of Excellence

Electrolux Professional has reopened its Centre of Excellence in Luton, incorporating a number of measures to ensure customers can take advantage of the space in a COVID secure way.

A one-way system has been integrated to ensure that social distancing is possible throughout the site, with both visitors and staff required to wear face coverings at all times. Crucially, the Centre has been certified as COVID-safe by KeyOstas, allowing the experience to remain both constructive and safe for all.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own items to the Centre for demonstrations across both food and laundry. Hand sanitiser stations are also available at regular intervals to ensure interactions remain as hygienic as they are informative.

The Centre has received a significant upgrade over the last 24 months, including major updates to the training and demonstration facility in order to support Electrolux Professional’s position as the OnE global business partner for food, beverage and laundry. Having first opened its doors in 2013, the Centre has regularly hosted dealer and end-user focused events, dedicated to providing all stakeholders with hands-on training and practical demonstrations.

Darren Lockley, Head of Region UK and Ireland at Electrolux Professional, comments:

“The Centre of Excellence has always played a significant role in highlighting the capabilities of our products to potential customers, as well as providing ongoing support and training to existing ones. This is something that has taken on even greater importance this year, with the challenges facing a number of our core sectors, including hospitality, healthcare and education, meaning operators are eager to get the absolute most out of their equipment.

These events – which can be undertaken in line with government social distancing guidelines – are curated by our very own training and development mangers in food, beverage and laundry, who are able to demonstrate the products’ capabilities by combining professional expertise with a detailed understanding of how the appliances work.”

Electrolux Professional’s entire product portfolio range is on display at the Centre of Excellence, exhibiting the complete solution that it can offer to customers. Featuring a new espresso bar, fully working kitchen and commercial laundry complete with a variety of appliances from each product category, as well as meeting and conferencing facilities, the Centre is designed to showcase and simulate genuine operating conditions.

Electrolux Professional’s Libero Point, a portable cooking unit, will also be available to view on site. The Libero Line offers unrivalled flexibility in its applications, able to be deployed both indoors or outside with a range of tabletop appliances to choose from, including fry tops, woks, induction cooking tops and combi ovens. Such technology will be instrumental in ensuring that customers are able to receive the same high-quality meals they would expect indoors even as venues reopen as exclusively outside service.

Darren concludes:

“Electrolux Professional’s investment in its Centre of Excellence highlights its ability to both test and demonstrate foodservice, beverage and laundry equipment. This helps to instil confidence in our customers, allowing for a truly unique hands-on experience.”

For more information and to book a visit to the Centre of Excellence, please visit: www.electroluxprofessional.com/gb/center-of-excellence/