ceda Silver Partner Maidaid Halycon's Exclusive Special Offer for ceda Members

ceda Silver Partner Maidaid Halycon's Special Offers for ceda Members

Maidaid, supplier of high-quality warewashing & ice machines, is running one if it’s greatest, money saving promotions. This is Maidaid’s latest initiative to provide proactive support to its customers, and is in addition to an attractive new finance package, introduced by the company earlier this year.

The Evolution promotion will run for 3 months, from 1st October to 31st December 2020 and offers a 10% off the list price on the selected machine below. The company’s distributor partners will also still benefit from their standard discount terms.

Machines in the offer are the EVO425WS, EVO515WS, EVO2035WS, all from the energy conscious Evolution range, and Utensil/Pot Washers UT61e and UT61eHR.

Maidaid is also currently running a promotion on the Halcyon range. For details of all offers and finance packages contact the Maidaid Sales Team on 03451308070 or email sales@maidaid-halcyon.co.uk or your Regional Sales Manager (RSM)