Waste2zero award win for asset management specialist and ceda Associate Ramco.

Waste2zero award win for asset management specialist and ceda Associate Ramco

Ramco, specialists in the management of surplus catering equipment, has been named Best Resource Management Business of the Year at the waste2zero awards. The online event was hosted by TV presenter Mark Durden-Smith on 25 March.

The objective of waste2zero – the first awards of its kind in the sector and now in its fourth year – is to give the out-of-home industry a platform to showcase best practice and recognise excellence in this vital area.

The Resource Management Business of the Year category focuses on fresh thinking and innovation in foodservice sector waste management to improve resource management, waste prevention, reuse and recycling. Entries were judged by a panel of industry specialists.

Liam Cameron, Marketing Executive at Ramco, said:

“A prevalent and unacceptable waste culture has seen levels of food, packaging, and equipment waste increase exponentially in recent years, and whilst the waste food and packaging agenda is already well established, the same unfortunately cannot be said for equipment waste. Understandably, operators struggle to see the value in surplus catering equipment, which is why it typically ends up either in a skip or in landfill.” 

“We’re delighted with our waste2zero win, and hope the award will help in our aim to transform the negative perception of surplus or second-hand catering equipment, raise the profile of surplus catering equipment as a fundamental environmental issue, and educate the foodservice sector about the importance of effectively managing and disposing of surplus catering equipment.”

Ramco is a leading provider of asset disposal services and one of the UK’s largest outlets for quality surplus goods. In 2017, it set up a dedicated foodservice business that has now cemented itself as the UK’s leader in the sustainable disposal of surplus catering equipment.

Ramco Foodservices has established a growing reputation for providing foodservice operators with a value for money and environmentally friendly solution. Collaborating with some of the industry’s largest and most successful companies, including many well-known household brands, Ramco has seen a real shift in the mindset of businesses within the sector.

In 2020 alone, Ramco Foodservices collaborated with more than 20 new clients in the foodservice/ catering sector, preventing in excess of 26,000 pieces of catering equipment from going to landfill.

ceda Associate Ramco's cost effective service to safely remove surplus catering equipment

ceda Associate Ramco offers a cost effective and time saving service to safely remove surplus catering equipment.

Surplus catering equipment, whether at a ceda members’ own or at any operators’ premise, can become a costly issue.  Fortunately, there is a cost effective and simple solution by utilising the services of one of our ceda Associate Ramco.

Ramco has kindly created this user-friendly marketing piece that explains their solution and how it can benefit members and operators alike.

Additional information can be found online or by contacting Ramco directly on the number provided.