New solution for washing reusable glasses

With our new range of dishwashers, we are committed to the environment, saving on water, energy, and detergent. Now, we are taking our environmental responsibility even further with the launch of these new baskets, specifically designed for washing reusable glasses (baskets for glasses of Ø70 x 120 mm and baskets for glasses of Ø90 x 170 mm).

Reusable glasses, designed to be used and washed countless times, play a crucial role in protecting our environment. Therefore, we guarantee an efficient washing result for these glasses through a basket adapted and a dishwasher with constant temperature with special adjustments for temperature, washing duration, and dosing of detergent and rinse aid.

Advantages of the reusable glass washing system:

– Washing optimisation: The baskets ensure a deep cleaning and disinfection of the reusable glasses, maintaining quality and hygiene. In addition, thanks to the dishwashers with constant temperature, the drying of the glasses is accelerated.

– Adaptable design: Baskets adapted for different glass sizes and a holding grid to prevent displacement and water accumulation.

– Maximum efficiency: They allow washing 25 to 36 glasses per cycle, optimizing the use of space.

– Ease of use: Integrated seamlessly with our range of dishwashers, these baskets make the washing process even simpler and more efficient.

Designed to complement the lightness of reusable plastic glasses, these baskets ensure that not only are the glasses cleaned efficiently, but they also contribute to the conservation of the environment, offering a perfect solution for businesses and homes looking to reduce their ecological footprint.