Kitchen Conversations with Ramco

Ramco, specialists in the disposal of surplus catering equipment, has launched the first in a series of video interviews with sustainability experts to highlight green issues affecting the foodservice industry.

The first of Ramco’s ‘Kitchen Conversations’ is with Mike Hanson, Director of Sustainable Business at WSH, parent company of BaxterStorey, the largest independent foodservice company in the UK and Ireland.

In the video, Mike outlines sustainability challenges, discusses how the pandemic has driven green efforts and offers valuable insights into how caterers can help customers make more sustainable choices. Mike says:

“The pandemic has given us the opportunity to reset; working from home has forced us to
think more about what and how we eat, enjoy clear roads and clean air. But things like the use of
reusable packaging have taken a back step. We need to ask ourselves if we really want to go back to
normal, or if we need a new normal.”

“The same is true in the foodservice industry, which found creative and innovative ways to keep
going. I suspect takeaway and delivery services will continue and run alongside traditional offerings.”

Liam Cameron, Marketing Executive at Ramco, said:

“As experts in asset disposal we work with clients to keep redundant equipment in use and out of landfill, helping them achieve sustainability goals and taking us all a step closer to a carbon-neutral future.”

“These interviews provide a great insight into the environmental challenges facing the foodservice industry and I hope they will be a useful resource for anyone looking for ways to keep sustainability goals on course as we head out of lockdown.

Mike added:

“Working with Ramco has been fantastic for us as we try to achieve a more circular
economy by providing a second life for equipment we no longer require. This is going to be even
more important post-covid as so many businesses are restructuring, whether it’s large restaurants
becoming small cafes leading to redundant kit, or upscaling businesses needing equipment but not
wanting to buy new.”

Ramco is a leading provider of asset disposal services and one of the UK’s largest outlets for quality surplus goods. In 2017, it set up a dedicated foodservice business that has now cemented itself as the UK’s leader in the sustainable disposal of surplus catering equipment.

The first Kitchen Conversation is now available to watch on Ramco’s website, with the remaining interview clips being released on a weekly basis thereafter.